Sunday, January 10, 2016

Do Not Lie

I want to talk to all of you about a serious problem in the world and of mine. It happens every day and everyone does it. So what I am talking about is lying and everyone does it at least one point in their life. Whether it be how old you are, if you did something or didn't do something or even when you are playing a game, you lie about your skill level. And I know you might be saying: "I never lied" or "I will never lie in my life." Think about that and realize that you lied right there. Saying that, you just lied because there will be a point in time that you will do something or try to get something and you will lie to get out of trouble or to get what you want.

So now people think that telling a small white lie is not that bad but it is just as bad as lying about killing someone. You might not realize it but when you lie you are not only hurting yourself but you are also hurting everyone around you. Also, if you lie and you get what you want then just remember that it could come back and bite you when least expect it. Or if you lie and say you didn't do something bad or if you lie and say you did something good that you didn't do then someone will figure it out eventually. It better if you tell the people before they figure it out themselves because when they do, you will be in some big trouble. Also if you lie, then when something bad happens that you didn't do, you will still get blamed and no one will believe you if you tell them you didn't do it.

Stop lying before it is too late!!

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