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Funny Story

So recently someone special to me has come up with a very funny story. I wanted to share it with all of you guys because it is very funny and the person who came up with the story is really creative and she is a very good writer. If you enjoy then let me know in the comments below and I might beable to get her to come up with more. Also, I am have a contest where you can have your very own story put on my blog. Learn more about here: Hope you enjoy the story.

How Namyun Kim Became A Pooping Garlic Wizard:
(By: Gabby Brown)
There was a young boy named Namyun Kim. He was always fascinated with magic and played with many magic kits. One day he decided to do a magic act for a talent show at his elementary school because he became really good at magic tricks. On the day of the talent show, one of the mean kids in Namyun's grade messed with Namyun's magic trick so that none of Namyun's tricks would work. When Namyun went out to do his magic show, nothing worked and everybody threw bananas and tomatoes at him (which caused his hatred of bananas and tomatoes). He got really upset and ran off of the stage crying. Once Namyun got backstage, he noticed a weird glow coming from near the exit of his elementary school and he went to investigate. When Namyun walked over to where the glow was, he heard an old man say in a deep voice, "Who goes there?" Namyun got scared a little bit and replied, "Ummm...N-Namyun Kim, sir. Who are you?" The wizard appeared in front of Namyun, looked down at him, and smiled. "My name is Gary. I'm an all-powerful wizard. I notice that you're upset. What's wrong, boy?" Namyun looked down at his magic kit and said, "Somebody messed with my magic kit so that none of my magic tricks would work and when they didn't work, everybody laughed and threw bananas and tomatoes at me." Gary then said, "Do you know who did it?" "No," replied Namyun. "I have an idea who might've done it though." Gary looked at Namyun and said, "Well who do you think did it?" "I think it was this one jerk in my grade named Harry Butt," replied Namyun. "He's a bully." Gary put his hand on Namyun's shoulder and said, "My dear boy, you shouldn't have to deal with jerks like that. I know how you can make jerks like Harry Butt never bother you again." Namyun smiled and said, "That sounds awesome. How?" "You could become a wizard like me," replied Gary. "That would be awesome," Namyun said excitedly. "I'll just say a spell and then you'll become a wizard," said Gary. "Ok please do it then," said Namyun. Then Gary closed his eyes and said, "Abracadabra! Alacazam! Turn Namyun Kim into a wizard! BAM!" Gary then looked at Namyun and said, "Well how do you feel now, kid?" Namyun got a disappointed look on his face and said, "I don't really feel any different." "Give your powers a try," Gary said. "Ok I'll use my powers to turn Harry Butt into a...BIG HAIRY BUTT," said Namyun with a mischievous grin on his face. Then Namyun thanked Gary for making him a wizard and he ran up to where Harry was. "Hey, Harry," said Namyun to the big bully. Harry turned around and replied in his deep voice, "Hey, little nerd! What the heck do you think you're doing?" Namyun closed his eyes and said, "Abracadabra! Alacazam! Turn Harry Butt into a hairy butt! BAM!" Then he opened his eyes and saw that Harry Butt was indeed a...BIG HAIRY BUTT! Harry freaked out and said, "Noooo! I have football practice tomorrow! I can't go looking like THIS!" Namyun laughed maniacally and said, "That's what happens when you bully a wizard!" "I'm gonna tell on you," replied Harry Butt. "Nobody will believe that I would do such a thing," said Namyun with a grin on his face. Harry then yelled, "MRS.FLUFFERNUTTER! Namyun turned me into a BIG HAIRY BUTT!" Mrs.Fluffernutter laughed and replied, "Yeah right. I'll believe that when pigs fly." Harry looked at Namyun and said, "You'll PAY for this. I'll find a wizard that'll turn me back to normal and then I'll have the wizard turn me into a wizard. Then you'll be sorry." Namyun laughed and said, "Yeah right. I'll believe that when you get a GPA that's above 1.5." Then Namyun disappeared. Five years later, Namyun was in seventh grade and he was in Mrs.Dinglehopper's class. Mrs.Dinglehopper got in front of the class and said, "Students, I have an important announcement. We have a new student in the class. Please welcome Harry Butt!" Harry walked into the room and Namyun immediately noticed that Harry was different. Harry had a very malicious look compared to what it used to be. Mrs.Dinglehopper looked at Harry and said, "Do you have anything to say?" Harry looked at Namyun and said in an intimidating voice, "Hello, nerd. I told you I'd be back." Namyun got a terrified look on his face. After school, Namyun went home and when he got home, he saw Harry in his bedroom. Namyun looked at Harry and said, "What are you doing in my room, Harry?" Harry looked at Namyun with a malicious grin on his face and said, "I'm here for revenge. I found a wizard who not only made me normal again, but also made me a wizard and actually trained me." Then Harry lifted Namyun in the air, threw him against a wall, and laughed. "Now you'll know how I felt after what you did to me in elementary school, nerd," said Harry. Namyun then looked at Harry and said, "Dude, I just turned you into a BIG HAIRY BUTT in elementary school. You don't need to get violent." Then Harry laughed and said, "You embarrassed me in elementary school and now you'll pay." Before Harry could do anything, Gary appeared and said, "Enough out of you, boy!" Then he turned Harry into a frog that couldn't talk and made it so that nobody could ever make him normal again. "Thank you, Gary," Namyun said. "No problem, kid," Gary replied. " need some training." Gary trained Namyun for a year at Mount Wizard and he became very powerful. "Ok, Namyun. I think you're ready for your final test," said Gary. Before they could go to where the final test is, however, Randy (the evil wizard who trained Harry Butt) appeared and pointed at Gary. He then yelled, "YOU! You turned my student into a frog that can't speak and made it so that he can't go back to normal again!" "I don't want to fight you, Randy," replied Gary. Randy's face got red and he said, "Too bad! You started this and now I'm going to finish it!" They then started fighting and Gary struck Randy with a little bit of lightning from his hands and he fell down. Gary then walked up to Randy and Randy got up and lifted Gary into the air. "This is the end of the line for you," said Randy. Namyun looked at Randy and yelled, "NO! Don't hurt him!" Then Randy cast a spell on Namyun that made him faint. After that, Randy threw Gary off of the edge of Mount Wizard and he died. Then Randy vanished. Namyun woke up shortly after Randy vanished and noticed that Gary wasn't there. He became worried and yelled, "GARY?! GARY, WHERE ARE YOU?!" Namyun then walked to the ledge, looked down, and saw Gary. "NOOOOO," Namyun yelled. Namyun then started crying and said, "Randy will PAY for what he did to Gary." He then saw Gary's spirit. "Namyun, I know where Randy is," Gary's spirit said. Namyun looked at Gary's spirit and said, "Where is that villain?" "He's at Mount Sinister," Gary's spirit replied. "I will hunt him down and he will pay for what he did to you," said Namyun. Gary's spirit became worried and said, "NO don't do that, Namyun! It'll only make you become evil like Randy is." Namyun became angrier and said, "I don't care. He must pay for killing you. You were like family to me and Randy took that away." Then Namyun vanished and Gary's spirit vanished. Namyun appeared at Mount Sinister and said, "Now to find Randy and get this over with." He walked up the mountain and saw Randy so he attempted to sneak behind him, but Randy perked his head up and said, "Namyun, my dear boy. Tell Gary enjoying the afterlife?" "You'll soon know what the afterlife is like, you MONSTER," replied Namyun. Randy laughed and said, "That's cute. You think you can defeat me. Namyun, I'm 1,000 years old and I have 980 years of magic experience. Do you really think you can overpower ME?!" "I can try," Namyun replied. Namyun started fighting Randy, but Randy lifted Namyun in the air and slammed him down. Randy then laughed maniacally and said, "You'll never be powerful enough to defeat me. You're just a weak boy. A novice at best. You're not even a TRULY powerful wizard and you NEVER will be. Any last words?" Namyun started laughing and Randy said, "What are you laughing at?" "You forgot one thing," Namyun replied. Randy then said, "And what did I forget?" "You forgot that wizards have the power to trick others into believing that who they're talking to is the actual person he or she is talking to when it isn't," Namyun replied. Randy gasped and said, "The mimicry trick?" Then Randy turned around and saw Namyun behind him. Namyun lifted Randy up and threw him off of Mount Sinister. "That's why you should never underestimate a 'novice' wizard," Namyun said. Then Namyun vanished. Four years later, Namyun went into the hot dog strip club, where he met Gabby and Skye and turned them into a Banana and a Tomato. After Namyun disappeared through his Donut Assistant/Teleporter, he noticed that he was a pooping garlic wizard again. Namyun then gasped and said, "Oh no. I made it so that I would be a pooping garlic wizard FOREVER! NOOOOOO!" 

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