Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Interview with Halfdan Hansen

I have had the amazing opportunity to interview Halfdan Hansen from Jens Hansen Studios. Now a lot of people may not know this but his father created The One Ring from the Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit movies. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

You can actually buy replicas of the ring from the website You can also email them and have your very own custom jewlery made from this company if you email them at Also if you mention my blog when ordering or my name, you will get your box autographed and/or a personal message from the designers or Halfdan Hansen himself. Hope you enjoy this interview and check out the website or email them to have custom jewelry made for you.

Jen Hansen is the man who created the ring that was used in the Lord of The Rings movies and the Hobbit movies. He passed away before the movies came out so it was the very last project he worked on. Now his first son, Halfdan Hansen who is 48 years old at this time, runs the business. When Halfdan was a teenager, he told me he made some jewelry and knows a lot about jewelry but now a days he just owns the company. Before he ran the company, he studied in Electrical Engineering and worked in the gas and oil field for about 15 years. He use to work summer holiday jobs in the shop with his dad when he was younger. He said the experience helps him even to this day to understand what his jewelers are doing.

Halfdan told me that as like all companies, they had to start with smaller projects and they worked their way up to where the company is now. There are two jewelers in the company and one has worked in this field for around thirty years and the other one has been a jeweler for around 20. He said his influence in this field is that he gets to continue the family business and that keeps people working and they rely on him for a job. He also said that it was for the fact that their company bring tourism to their town because of the movies.

He told me that when it comes to making to the jewelry it is not easy and it is very expensive because all of the stuff that goes into it.

The Golden Kiwi, Yellow Gold   - Jens Hansen - 2Halfdan Hansen said his biggest accomplishment in his company would have to be the introduction of the movie rings which you can buy on their website. You can get a Movie Ring with a personalized message engraved in the ring which is made out of solid gold. There is also a design that he came up with called The Golden Kiwi which is the national symbol of his home town, New Zealand. A Kiwi is a flightless bird just so everyone knows and this seems like a really cool idea.

I asked Halfdan what his biggest failure would have to be and he said that it would have to be the fact that he did not act earlier with some of the products they have created.

Before working in this field, Halfdan worked the oil company called Schlumberger which is one of the worlds bigger companies. He worked their as an engineer from training.

His company has made trophies for the Rugby equivalent of our supper bowl. They made silver Super 14 trophy and a few others I believe he said. To the left is a picture of the trophy. He also was asked to make something for a physicist from America which was a silver baby's rattle. They were asked to make this as a gift for the physicist. He said the design is a 3-D version of a Möbius strip.

Halfdan said he implemented an Elvish Translator into his business which allows you to see what your name or message would be in Elvish writing. You can check it out on the website by googling it or clicking this link: This is one of the most popular pages on their website. This is really important to them because of different reasons.

I asked Halfdan what projects he was most obsessed with and Hansen said he would like to use Eisenstein writing to engrave in rings for people who are interested. He also making engagement rings in the shape of their Movie Rings.

On the website, you can't buy anything related to video games or anything like that but you can get a custom design made if you email them at Make sure to mention Tommy's blog and you could get a personal message and/or an autograph on the box for free. Hope you enjoyed this and a special thanks to Halfdan Hensen for letting me interview him. Make sure you check out the website or email them to get some cool jewelry and mention Tommy's blog when you email them to get an autograph or personalize message. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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