Sunday, January 3, 2016

Interview with Zack from Ghost Killer Entertainment

I have had the opportunity to interview Zach who is a singer and he also runs the channel Ghost Killer Entertainment on YouTube. Zack is 23 years old and he has started singing himself when he was 19 years old. He has been doing YouTube for years but he said it all started back in 2013. As Zack said himself: "Ghost Killer Entertainment is a channel dedicated to help promote new and upcoming bands that deserve to have their names be known." Which is pretty cool and if you are someone who is trying to get noticed the find him on Facebook or Twitter. His family does not support him with this though and he said this: "They weren't but they know it's one of my passions I won't ever give up on." It was slow for him, but his channel started getting noticed during the summer of 2013, when it started to get going. He wants his channel to become something big. He said it is growing more and every day and he is proud of it. Zack has had other channels before Ghost Killer Entertainment but they did not become as popular as this channel. Other than music he loves playing videos games, reading, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

The first songs he ever sung were a cover of Good Time by his old band and Her Name Was Romance, both had been sung and recorded. he said it was a lot of fun trying things out he has never done before. The best advice he was given was: "Pursue your dreams and to never give up on it." This which was given to him by Shawn Milke of Alesana"

His style of music is in the Melodic Post-Hardcore. He said he is more vocals and does not really play any instruments.

I asked Zack why did he decide to help other musicians get discovered? he Replied saying: "It's one of my things I used to do with my old channels and I've decided to after a break to try it out again. Especially with all the new music and friends I get to meet in bands." 

Sometimes he asks them to post their videos and sometimes they ask him to post videos. Sometimes he posts more than one video from each band. Some of these include: Fame On Fire, The Last Sleepless City, Until The Last, and many more. He also posts a few of the local bands from his state that he has met in person.

Go check out his channel on YouTube and check out some of the bands he has on his channel: He is awesome guy and has an awesome channel so check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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