Saturday, January 2, 2016

KontrolFreek EliteShot Armor

So a while back I bought a few items from KontrolFreek and one of those items was an armor. This is just a sticker that you can put on your controller to make it look cool. The EliteShot Armor is blue, red and white. It is like a splatter effect and  it looks really cool. It was hard getting it on but it was worth it and I like it a lot. The shield as KontrolFreek calls it goes on the front of your controller and on the top around the sink button and the piece where you plug in the charger. Now with the colors, for the most part it is red and blue but down towards the left bottom side there is a little bit of white. You can get one of these for $10.99 if you want to add a little color to your controller. I like this but don't why I paid the price I did for it because it is just a sticker. Although it does make your controller look cool. Also it was used by Eliteshot so that probably makes it even cooler for someone who cans about that stuff.

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