Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Once Upon A Time

I have been watching a show called Once Upon A Time. This show brings all of your favorite fairy tale characters to life. That is right, Snow White, Prince Charming, Red Riding Hood and many more are brought to life but this comes with a price. Every one of the fairy tale characters are put under a curse which makes them forget who they really are and they are teleported to a town. Now it is up to one woman and her child to bring this curse to an end. It is not as easy as it seems though because they must over come many obstacles that they must overcome. And they must also watch out for the Evil Queen. Yes, the same one who put the sleeping curse on Snow White. This is a great show that lets people see what the fairy tale characters look like in human form. This show is very intriguing and has a great story line. There are many different times that you will be excited and happy but then there are other times that this movie leaves you in shock and wonder. Also every character in this show is from some kind of fairy tale or book that you were read to in the past. You may not know who is from what but if you continue to watch you will figure it out. Once you begin to watch this show, you will be hooked and you will be wanting more. There are many plot twists also, some for better and some for worse. As many people have said throughout the show: "Magic always comes with a price." If you are looking for a good show, I highly recommend you check this show out. You can find it on Neflix or search for it on Google.

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