Wednesday, January 27, 2016

SNATCH Beef Jerky Review

I have been sent more Beef Jerky from the people over at SNATCH. "Snatch A Bag Today." They sent me five bags which is $35.75. You get five different flavors: Traditional Western, Whiskey Row, Pepper Ale, Orange Teriyaki and Original Pepper. You can get your own beef jerky by clicking this link: Lets get into the review. Hope everyone enjoys it.

The first I tried is the Traditional Western. This one has a sort of sweetness with it but it also has a kick to it. The strips are long and skinny. You also get a pretty decent amount in the bag and it is really good. There is also a smokiness that you can taste in it. It is really hard to explain how this one tastes but it is really good. Now this one is kind of hard to chew and does not have a whole lot of tenderness to it. I really like how it tastes though. The strips are very thin and long.

The next flavor is Whiskey Row and let me tell you something, with this one, you can definitely smell the Whiskey part oft it. It is really strong smelling also.  This kind is really soft and chewy. It is sweet at first and then it gets spicy. You can taste the whiskey but oh my god is there a lot of spiciness going on here. It is really tender and has great flavor but it is really spicy. I enjoyed it but it is not the best kind. It was like there was a sweetness to it but at the same time there was a kick to it and it got spicy fast. This kind of jerky was very tender and bulky. Like the strips are very thick,

We also have the Peppered Ale flavor. You can smell a lot of the pepper part of this kind. The pepper is really strong smelling. Now one thing that is strange about this kind is that it is really flimsy and you can feel the pepper and it is sort of soft when you touch it. At first it just tastes like Beef Jerky but then towards the end of chewing, it got a little sweeter and then it got spicy. I really liked this one a lot. So far this has to be my favorite flavor.

 There is also the Orange Teriyaki flavor. Now I must say that I love Teriyaki and it has to be my favorite type of beef jerky. This stuff smells really sweet and it is very sticky for some reason. It is also extremely squishy and flimsy. It is not hard to chew and you can taste the orange. It actually has the flavor of an orange but you can't really taste the teriyaki part of it. All I tasted in this one was orange but it was very sweet. I liked this kind but not a whole lot.

The Last bag is the Original Peppered flavor. Okay, this kind smells really good, you can smell the beef jerky and the pepper also. The pepper is not to over powering when you smell it which is what I like. This kind is not flimsy at all and it is not squishy either. It hard to chew but not too hard. Just how it should be. This kind is really good and has to be my favorite out of all of these. That is because with this kind, You can taste the pepper but it is just the right amount of pepper. It compliments the beef jerky very well.

If you want to get your own SNATCH Jerky then click here: Also I want to say thank you to the people who make this for making this review possible. I really appreciate it. Hope you all enjoyed and have a wonderful day!

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