Saturday, January 2, 2016

Toe of Satan Challenge Candy

Today I have for you one of the hottest candies ever made. It is called the Toe of Satan and it comes in a black box with eyes at the top and the name in cool letters. Then at the bottom there is fire. On the back of the box there is a description of the Toe of Satan and underneath that, there is a little scale that has the times on it and each time has a rank. Like for 0 min. it says coward, 1 min is wimp, 2 min is show off, 3 is loss of feeling, 4 just says really? And 5 says "This is 911, what is your emergency? This is not suppose to be used as every day candy. The candy itself looks like a red toe with a pointy toe nail. There is a challenge that comes with this and it is this: hold the toe in your mouth for five minutes. You can not spit or take it out of your mouth because if you do then the challenge is over. On the box it even warns you that is for adults only and could cause extreme mouth and skin irritation. It smells like cinnamon. This thing starts out with the flavor of cinnamon but it is really, really hot. Starting out like the first second, it was just like cinnamon but then it hits you. I only had it in my mouth for like 1 minute then I had to take it out. See like when ever it is in your mouth, saliva builds up and it keeps building but the Toe of Satan is so hot that if you were to swallow the saliva then you would throw up. I threw up after a minute and I went through milk like nothing. Milk is your friend if you decide to do this challenge. Even though I only had the Toe in for 1 minute mouth was burning for 15 minutes straight before I stopped spitting and throwing up. My eyes were red and tearing up. It burns your whole mouth and it sucks. After I took the toe out, the top of my mouth burned, my tong burned, my throat burned and it was not pleasant. My nose would not stop running and I had keep milk or water in my mouth to keep it from burning. This thing is right to be named the Toe of Satan because it is so hot and it sucks so bad. Then I got it in my nose and my nose burned like crazy. If you are a person who likes to do challenges and if you are into extremely hot stuff then I recommend you try this. Go here to buy yours now: for only 4 dollars. This was really, really stupid of me to do.  They told me it was not suppose to be for every day and now I know why. Can you stub the out the Toe of Satan? let me know in the comments below.

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