Monday, January 11, 2016

Tokyo Treat premium Unboxing for January 2016 (Japanese snack/candy box)

Today I am bringing you a review of Tokyo Treat premium box for the month of January, 2016. This a Japanese candy and snack subscription box. The treats in this are sent to you directly from Japan. I hope you enjoy and get your own by clicking this link:  

The first item we have is the Pokemon Ramune 5 pack. From the TV show and game franchise, these are tasty treats that come in various shapes and flavors. The flavors include pineapple, cola, soda, grape, and five types of melon. There are even  a few monsters that you can find in each package. The Cola flavor smells like how it should. They are a light brown color. They have a weird texture and dissolve fairly fast. They taste really good. They taste pretty much like how Cola tastes and they sort of actually quench your thirst and make you want more. The grape ones smell like grape juice and are a purple color. They definitely taste exactly like grape juice. I really enjoy these and they taste a lot like what they say they are suppose to.

The next item is the Yokai-Watch Character Soft-Serve Ice Cream. This is a caramel corn infused with the 
flavor of soft-serve ice cream. The packaging has a character from the TV series Yokai-Watch. Each package has a different character on it. It smells like icing but not as strong as the icing in America. They taste really sweet. I can taste the ice cream a little bit but don't taste the caramel that much. They are a lighter than what I used to. They are really good. 

Next we have the Fuku Fuku Tia Chocolate. This is a fish shaped wafer with a chocolate center. The chocolate is light and the wafer feels like an ice cream cone. The wafer tastes like how an ice cream cone would taste. The chocolate smells stronger that what the American chocolate smells like but it almost tastes like how hot chocolate would taste like. 

Next item in this box is the Pokemon Wafers which are yummy wafers shaped like different "pocket monsters" or as we call them in America "pokemon." The chocolate in this is different than what was inside the fish. It was stronger than that chocolate but still not as strong as I am use to. I could not taste the wafer from it. It was good but not as good as the other wafer thing. There was also a little square picture of a pocket monster and I got a Mega Bohamder which is really cool because it is shiny and gold. 

The next item this month's Tokyo Treat is the Pokemon Chewing gum. There are five pieces in a pack\and Each piece has a different pocket monster on it which you can use to draw on a bigger piece of paper. Or there is a little quiz that you use to test your knowledge about each monster. The gum is really thick and smells like pineapple which is the flavor. It is a very faint smell but you can still smell it. It tastes like pineapple but is really hard to chew. It has good flavor to it though. 

The next item is the Yokai-Watch Fortune Seal Namaste Curry These thing look like corn puffs that have a hole in the middle. They smell like seasoning which I guess that is what curry is. It tastes like the seasoning from Ramen Nuddles. I really like too because the seasoning is not too over powering, even though that is all you taste. I like these and could eat these as a snack every so often.

They also included Chocolate Ball Peanut which are exactly what they. They are a peanut covered with chocolate. These were good but the Peanut pretty much over powers the chocolate taste. I have to say that the packaging for these look cool though.

In this months box they also included the Melt In Your Mouth, Winter Pocky sticks. These are biscut sticks with a coat of chocolate dipped in cocoa powder. I have to say that I have been wanting to try Pocky for quite some time and these things look cool. There are two packs that have snow picture on them with a see through part where you can see the sticks themselves. They definitely melt in your mouth and you taste both the chocolate and the cocoa powder but they compliment each other very well. That added with the chocolate and cocoa power tastes really good and tastes like the chocolate I am use to. 

The next item is the Oekaki Kyanland Candy. This is Do It Your self kit where you take the chewy candy that is almost like gum and make molds out of it. When you are done with the molds then you can take food coloring powder, mix it with water and then apply it to the candy shape. There is a panda bear, flowers, house and present. The coloring is cool because you can mix the colors to make new colors and the colors actually have tastes to them.

The second DIY kit is the Neru Neru Nerune Soda Flavor kit which you take the packets, mix them with water and then stick them in the candy and then it gets hard and is almost like a lolly pop. The little candy pieces do not taste like much  but the stuff you stick into the candy is sour with the fizziness of the soda. It has a strange texture to it. It is like a lemon lime soda with the fizziness of pop rocks and it is really neat and really cool. It is really messy but you get a spoon though.

The next item is the Tyrant Habanero Who Came Back which are crunchy rings that have dried Habanero Peppers on them. Now just by looking at the package these things look evil and hot. These things actually smell pretty good and they are smaller than I expected. They kind of taste like barbecue chips with a little spice to them. I really enjoy these and they are probably one of my favorite items in this box. Why can't we have these in America?

You also get a drink in the Tokyo Treat and this month included the Amazake: High Quality Sweet Sake. This drink is traditionally drunken around New Years and it is enjoyed warm. It does contain 1% of alcohol. I must say that this drink smells very bad and you can actually smell the alcohol in it. It has a weird texture to it and all you can taste is alcohol. I am not a fan of this at all and out of all the Japanese drinks, why did I have to the bad one? The drink was the item I was most excited for. 

Other than that, Tokyo treat is an amazing subscription box. I even got a Pokemon Moncolle 12 species Assortment Figure which looks awesome and this was a special item. I do not know what figure it is of so if you could provide some info in the comments below that would be awesome! I comes with a little green stand that you can put it on and I think it looks pretty cool. 

Check out their Facebook and their twitter here: (#tokyotreat) , and hope you enjoyed!

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