Sunday, January 10, 2016

Top 3 Food Subscription Boxes I Reviewed

I have done a review of six food subscription boxes so far on my blog. I am going to tell you guys what my top 3 food subscriptions boxes are. These are my top 3 and my opinion on this subject. Just know that I enjoy all subscription boxes and do not have anything against them.

3.  Hawaii Snack Box

This is a subscription box that sends you snacks from Hawaii. I like this box because it is unique and there are only 2 others  that I have found like it. The snacks in this subscription box are really good and they have great packaging. The packages that the snacks come in are really colorful and bright. This subscription box is very well organized also. Even though they don't give you many snacks, the ones they do send you are very tasty.  Check out my review here:

2. Send Me Gluten Free

This box is dedicated to sending people who can't eat Gluten. They find the tastiest gluten free snacks and send them to their subscribers each month. They do a really good job of it and the snacks that they have in it are very good for being gluten free. They also stick coupons in their box so that people can save money on gluten free food. I really like the idea of this and think it is great that they are so dedicated to helping people who can't eat gluten. Check out my review of Send Me Gluten Free here:

1. Man Crates from Jerky Gram

This subscription box is a box of beef jerky which you get sent to your door step. You are able to select your preferences and based on that, they will send you beef jerky that you enjoy. There are three bags in the Jerky Gram. It is my favorite food subscription box because it is beef jerky. Not only is it beefy jerky, it is really good beef jerky. I love beef jerky and I love good quality beef jerky. They send you the best beef jerky they can find for you to enjoy. You can check out  my full review by clicking here:

Hope you enjoyed and make sure to check out all the subscription boxes I reviewed.

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