Saturday, January 16, 2016


Whenever it comes to games, I play all types of games whether it be video games, card games or board games. One of my favorite types of games would have to be Yahtzee. This is a game where you take five dice with six sides and you roll them. You can many different outcomes and each outcome has different point values. For example, three dice with the same number gives you a three of a kind and same thing with four. If you get the same number on all five dice you get something called a Yahtzee which gives you the most points. Now this game takes something as boring as throwing dice and turning it into something fun.There are even different forms of Yahtzee that give you different ways to roll the dice. This game is so fun because one minute you could be winning and the next minute you could be loosing. Not one game is the same when it comes to Yahtzee and if you get the right people to play, then it can get interesting. There is also a score sheet that you can keep score on. You can get this game from pretty much anywhere and have fun with friends or family. Let me know if you like Yahtzee or what you favorite game is.

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