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Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great day. Today I have a new review for all of you. I am going to be reviewing a pair of sunglasses from EverTree Optics. These are just some pair of glasses you buy at the store. Nope these glasses are made out of wood. I know what your thinking: "Tommy, why would anyone want to buy wood sunglasses? Are they not supper heavy and uncomfortable?" Well, see I thought the same thing and that is main reason why I wanted to review these other than the fact that they look really awesome. They are expensive though and if you want to buy these click this link: They sell glasses, watches and decals. I will be reviewing one of the watches and the decals tomorrow. These glasses are $99 dollars. And I am going to tell you if they are worth it or not.

Before I tell you about the glasses themselves, I want to talk to you about the case they come in. They come in a wooden cylinder which has a very cool design on it. On the top it has the company logo in red. The top of the cylinder has a different texture and look than the rest of the capsule which is cool because it allows you to know where the open it. The capsule is very smooth and and going along side of it is the name of the company actually engraved into the wood. This is made out of actual wood which is really cool. You open up the capsule and there is a red, very soft, cloth bag with pull strings for easy access. You have the logo on the front and the company name:"EverTree Optics on the back in a sort of tan color which goes with the red color. You open up the bag and you see the glasses in a plastic bag. Now to get to the glasses.

So, to start off, I would like to talk about if these serve their purpose which they do. These glasses are very good for blocking out the sun and the lens are very dark in this particular pair of glasses. In sunglasses, what I first look for is if they serve their purpose and these ones do that very well. When you are in the bright light with these, like when you are outside, they make it so it is dark but not too dark.

When you are looking at these and holding for the first time, you can not really tell that they are wooden. This because they have a very smooth finish on them and they are painted black. These are completely black except for the tiny logo and and company name which I personally love. When you are wearing these, they are really comfortable and lightweight. You can barely even feel that they are on your face because that is how light they are.

These glasses are also very strong and durable. If you drop glasses on the floor than most of the time the lens pops out or they shatter but these do not. The only way these are going to break is if you deliberately break them or burn them. They do bend either. Like if you take your hands and try to bend them, they would probably break before then.

Now these glasses are expensive as I said before but are they worth it? Yes they really are. These are by far some of the best glasses I have even seen. They are stylish, they serve their purpose, they are lightweight and very comfortable.

This has been my review of the MIDNIGHT BLACK/BLACK LENS (WFE) from EverTree Optics. Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think. Let me know if you actually own these or another pair yourself or if you like or dislike these. Click here to get your own pair if you do not have them already: Have a great rest of your day!

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