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Japan Crate February 2016

Today I have a review of the February 2016 Japan Crate where you can get Japanese Snacks and candy delivered to your house every month. Link is at the end of the review. I appologize for some of the blurry pictures, I need a new camera.

The first item is the Toppu Trio Stick Gum. There are three flavors of these which include: Cola Cider and Grape. You get six individually wrapped pieces, two of each flavor. So the pieces are short but thick and smell like what the flavor says they are. One thing with Japan is that they can get the smell and taste exactly like what it is suppose to. This gum is not hard to chew and it goes from being the stick to chewy really quickly and the flavor is really good and lasts a long time.

The next item is the Ramune Rumble Soda. I got the Raspberry flavor which is really good. It tastes sweet and a little like Raspberry but not a whole lot. It tastes like Strawberry soda more than raspberry Now it is not as fizzy as American Soda which I like. It allows you taste the flavor more than the fizzle. With the bottles, there is a little ball at the top that you pop into the bottle and that makes it fizzle. The bottle is kind of hard to drink out of but it is really good and a really cool design/idea. One thing though is that I left the bottle sit for a while and it evaporated or something like that because when I came back, it was gone.

In this Japan Crate you also get Twinbow Drink Gummy. They look like little gummy worms and there are four flavors: Cola, Ramune, Lime and Lemon. These are really good and the flavors compliment each other very well. The lemon though is like pucker power and really sour. The gummies themselves are not too hard to chew and the flavor lasts a long time.

The next candy is KitKats. I did not see anything in the book about these but they are green. It smells like white chocolate. They are not that hard to chew and they sort of taste like white chocolate with a hint of something else. I do not really like these things that much.

There is also the Coris Grape & soda Kajirittyo. This is soda taffy wrapped in a layer of grape taffy. I tasted the grape in this but did not taste the soda flavor of it. Now this taffy dissolves fast in your mouth the more and more you chew. It has the consistency of gum and tastes really good.

The next item is Petit Pastel Ice Cream Cookies and Chocolate. These are small ice cream cone and assorted Chocolates with a crunchy wafer center. These come in different colors and are really small. All you can really taste in these are the chocolate with the wafer crunch. They taste really good and taste like a light chocolate compared to American Chocolate. They are different shapes also which makes them that much better!

The next item on the list is the Yaokin Budou Grape Gummy. Reminiscent of fruit snacks, but soft in texture. They are different than American gummies and are more soft and chewy. Again they taste exactly like grapes and are also sweet at the same time. After a little while of chewing, they start to dissolve in your mouth.

Next up are Yaokin Moguchuu Strawberry candies. These are individually wrapped Strawberry chewy candies. They are suppose to be similar to Hi-Chews. They are small but bulky and really hard to chew. They are white on the outside with a pink line going through the center. At first they are hard to chew but get easier over time. They do taste like Strawberry though and are really good.

Chip Star Which are a lot like Pringles but they have a Seaweed and Salt flavor.  Okay so I hate Seaweed, I can not stand Seaweed but I am still going to try these so you guys know what they taste like. They smell like salt, really strong salt. They are very small compared to Pringles and are a little small. All I tasted was chip and they were actually pretty good.

Next we have the Super Lemon Hard Candies. There are three layers of sour to these and tastes like lemon. These are extremely sour and then sweet and lemony. The sourness hits you hard but thankfully it does not last that long. I like these and there are a lot of them.

There was also a DIY kit for ice cream which did not work. I mixed the stuff for like 15-20 minutes like it said and it just stayed liquid and when I opened the package, the cones were broke and I could not use them. I mean this was a really cool idea but it did not work.

The final food item we have another DIY kit which is the Heart LTD. Oekaki Choco DIY. You can use this to create your very own Valentine for your loved one to eat! There is a plastic part which you clip onto a piece of cardboard with designs on it. Then you can use the little candy bits to create a design. Once you create a design, you melt the chocolate given and pour it into the plastic mold piece where the candy bits are. Then you put a plastic stick that is given into the bottom of the mold and you put it into the fridge to cool it until it is solid then you enjoy! It is really fun and very creative for all ages. Parents will need to help children though.

We also have the Mini Ramen bowl Key chain. It is a plastic key chain made to look like soup. For the size of this it is pretty well detailed and you can get 1 of 10 different designs. The pieces of food that are on top do not look like they would break any time soon and this is a really cool item.

Hope you enjoyed and had a great day! Get your own Japan Crate here: https://japancrate.com/ Each month you get different snacks and candy from Japan.

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