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Today I have another product from EverTree products to share with you. I have the MALLARD GREEN/NATURAL MAPLE EVERTREE WATCH to do a review of. So I am going to tell you if this is worth buying and stuff like that. If you would like this watch for yourself check it out at: I just want to say thank you to EverTree Optics for sending me this. I love this watch and you will see why. Also check out my review of the sunglasses I have been sent to review also by clicking this link: Hope you all enjoy this review and stay cool. Let's get into this.

The watch that I got is on sale for $114.99 and the original prices of the watches are $145.00. Now I just want to start off by saying that I love this watch and it is probably one of the coolest watches I have ever had. The color on it is amazing, it feels great, everything works great and it shows the date and day of the week along with the time.

So to start off with this review, I want to talk to you about the design. The color scheme on this is really cool and it works very well with this watch. With the band, the middle of the band is green and the outside is just wood. The band is so well painted though that I did not even realize that it was wood where the green is at first. Where the time is displayed, the background is a dark green and the numbers, logo, company name and hands are it is like an almost gold color. One thing I like and find cool about this watch is that around the glass part, you have the minutes going around to make it easier to read and that is actually burned into the wood. The time/date adjuster is green as well.

The hands of the watch work very well, they move smoothly and do not get stuck. The latch that allows you to put this on your wrist is a metal and it is sort of confusing at first to figure it out but once you do it is, very easy. There is a piece that you must lift up first then you push the two buttons on the side and then you close it like any other watch.

This watch feels really amazing and does not feel like wood. It feels really smooth and is flat whenever It does not catch on your skin and does not seem like you would get splinters when wearing it. The reason I say that is because it wood and most wooden objects give splinters if it is not well made.

Even the case it comes in looks really cool. Again, it is a wooden case with a finish on it. The finish is sort of a darker finish with a glossy effect on it. The logo is cut out at the top but just goes into the wood a very little bit. The EverTree company name is engraved in the side and hinges are a gold color. The case smells like glue when you open and the inside has a thin padded layer to help protect the watch. There is also a soft pillow for the watch to go around.

The only problem I have with this is that the band adjuster tool was bent when I received the watch.

There are also decals you can buy on the website for around 5 dollars because they are on sale but the full price is 7 dollars. These are not stickers so do not think they are. These are decals that you can put on your windows, desk, car but they are hard to apply. You have to take them off slowly to get all the pieces off. They are just the logo for EverTree and they are green. They do look cool though.

Hope you all enjoyed and have a great day. Make sure to check out my review of the glasses here: and let me know what you think. If you want a good quality watch then get one from these guys. Have a great day!

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