Thursday, February 4, 2016

Natasha Vella (Interview)

So I recently got the amazing chance to interview one of my favorite dancers of all time. Her name is Natasha Vella and she is from Australia. She lives near Sydney.  She dances with Jayden Rodrigues which you can check out by clicking here to go to his channel: Also click here to go to Natasha's Facebook page: Hope you guys enjoy and a special thanks to Natasha for letting me interview her. It was a lot of fun and she was one of the nicest people I have ever interviewed. Let me know what you think, comment, follow for more and check out the links at the end for awesome stuff.

Natasha Vella is 25 years old and grew up loving to dance and sing from a very young age. She works as a full time entertainer and holds concerts for money but she also does them for charity events.  When she was younger she would sing in her church quire and then she started to get asked to sing at events like weddings and other stuff like that. When she finished school, she was told she could do singing as a job but she only thought of it as a hobby. The she looked up the courses and started studying performance full time for two years and then she started to find work after that. Natasha told me that she was never as confident as she is now and she still gets nervous even to this day. Before she started YouTube, she was a full time banker and she finished that around a year ago I believe she said.

She started YouTube because Jayden came up to her and few other people asking if they wanted to dance in his videos and then Jayden encouraged them to make their own channels. Natasha Vella started her channel on YouTube around a year ago where she sings and plays the piano.

When she was younger, her family and friends had encouraged her but they also said to make sure she has back up plans in case it did not work out.  She did not want to be a singer at first. But once her parents saw she wanted to do this they encouraged her and supported her. Her biggest inspiration to start singing was Carrie Underwood. She said Jayden was the one who encouraged her to start her channel. One of the first songs she started to perform was The Prayer. The first one she recorded was Hurt by Christina Aguilera.

Someone once told her that you have to keep going and no matter what, you can fall down but you need to get back up. She has a lot of costume malfunctions and stuff like that on stage and she has forgotten words to songs and forgot routines but she just keeps going.

She said that if someone asked her for advice on this career choice she would tell them to keep trying and do not give up. You need very encouraging people around you. Also you need to get actual singing lessons if you want to become a success because if not then you could ruin your voice and your career. She did not get lessons at first and it almost ruined her career and also never give up.

When it comes to dancing, her parents put her in dance school at age five and she only did the two classes a week because she could never afford the five classes. She also watches the back up dances to see what she can gain from them.

When she dances, she likes to think of the emotions she is feeling/giving off as fun. Most of the time when she dances she is always smiling. There are times though that she wants to give up and if it wasn't for Jayden, she would have. He stops her from quitting and tells her to keep going. She loves to do charity dances and concerts also. She even had a dance school.

Her favorite style is Hip Hop and she also tap dances. Dance has taught Natasha about being persistent. She has to keep practicing until she knows she gets it right. She said her favorite dance routine was the one for Trap Queen.

She said the hardest thing about dance is picking up the choreography.  She often is the one learning someone else's dance. Most of the time nowadays she learns the moves but would like to come up with her own dance to some of the songs but she has been too busy before. Her dance group NeWest has been on X-Factor back in 2013 and got far.

Hope you all enjoyed this and let me know what you think.

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