Monday, February 1, 2016

Snakku February 2016

Today I have for you another Japanese snack box for the month of February 2016. This is a box filled with snacks from a 386 year old snack shop in southern Japan. These snacks look really good and you can click the link at the end of the review if you want to get your own. Hope you enjoy! Please comment what you think and follow me by clicking the button to get emailed about new posts every day. I have to say that I really like how this box looks and it is really cool that they put like a cloth fabric around the box. You can tell that there is a lot of time and effort put into this box. Also I apologize for any blurry pictures. Because of my ataxia, I cant really hold still but I try my best.

The first items in this month's box are the Tirolian roll cookies. They are roll cookies with cream filling. This month you got four of them: chocolate, coffee, vanilla and strawberry. They smell like wafers that you can get in the united states. They smell really good and you can really smell the flavor that they are suppose to be. They taste like a really light version of fortune cookies. The cream in these almost like dissolves in your mouth. The cookie part is like a really light wafer cookie. I really, really like these and they taste a lot like what they are suppose to. The cream is really light but it compliments the cookie part very well. With the coffee and strawberry flavored ones, you can really taste the flavor. With the vanilla one, you don't really taste the cream but it is still good. Now the chocolate one confused me. It does not taste like any chocolate I have ever had before and to be honest, it was actually better than any chocolate I have had before. I want more of these!!

The nest item in the Snakku for February 2016 is the Pretz Corn. The are pretzel sticks with the seasonal Hokkaido winter corn flavor. They look like bread sticks and smell like a really strong corn smell. They actually taste like sweet corn. You can taste the bread stick part and at first you get a hint of sweetness and then you taste the corn. These things really do taste like corn but there is a sort of light salt flavor going on with these also. Again, I really enjoy these and want more of them. You get a lot of in a pack also but they are sort of skinny.

Next up are the Tirolian Hat. These are the second most popular snack by Chidoriya. These look like really thin cookies. They are hand crafted and come in three flavors: coffee, lemon and strawberry. These are really brittle so be careful when opening the package. Now they look like really thin cookies with a cream in the middle. They taste like the Trolian from before but cream center is a little bit stronger for some reason.

We also have lemon yogurt candy. Okay with these things, there is a round clear part on top like half a cylinder but it is a clear yellow color and then there is a solid white base which is the yogurt part. The yellow lemon part is really sticky and the bottom is just smooth. It does not really taste like yogurt at first but the more you suck on it(that's what she said) the more it tastes like yogurt. And my mouth is confused about what is going on. You can taste the lemon part and the bottom part of it is sweet but at the same it is sour. The lemon is not that strong at all in these. It is not a strong lemon flavor like I was expecting but it was sweet.  These things are good but do not last that long in your mouth though. They are good unless you bit into them.

Next are the Tirolian Chococrunch which are mini-wafer crunch cookies. They are make with locally produced milk and butter then dipped in milk-chocolate and baked for a crispy crunch. This tastes like a Crunch candy bar. This is what you would expect when you hear that something is chocolate. They are really good. They have like the texture of Choco Pebbles which is a cereal in the U.S. Really good.

The next item is the Hanachidori which are moist manju cakes. These are made with top-grade finely milled bean paste.There are two flavors: mellow white bean paste and rich yellow bean paste mixed with egg yolks. I really like the packages these come in, it is almost like paper. The outside of these things is really, really soft and squishy but the inside filling feels hard. They smell like the Trolian does and the outside tastes like it also. For some reason, the one one tastes like coffee. I am really confused about this but at the same time, I really like it. This actually tastes like coffee. It is really moist also and at the end of chewing, there is a little kick of something.

Next we have Happy Turn which are sweet and salty rice crackers. They are shaped like hearts on the package for Valentines Day. At least I have a valentine. When I opened these up, they were not heart shaped which was disappointing. I guess I don't have a valentine after all. :( They are do taste like rice crackers and you can taste the saltiness of them and a little bit of sweetness. They are crunchy and thick. Now I did not like these things for some reason. They were a little too salty.

The next item is the Yaki Imo which are stone baked sweet potatoes. These are mini cakes made with real stone backed sweet potatoes. They are small and squishy, very moist and easy to break apart but when you do break them apart, they are not crummy and stay together very well. Okay These did not taste like sweet potatoes. I don't know what they tasted like but I was not a fan of them. They have a cool concept going to them though.

The last item is the Kuromane Senbei. I really like the name of this one and these are rice crackers with black beans baked right into them. They are really hard but not crumbly when you break them apart. They smell like coffee for some reason. They are really think and kind of sticky. At first are sweet, then salty and then rice. These are really hard to explain and pretty good.

Hope you enjoyed this review and get your own at: I really enjoyed this box. I loved everything about from the look to the snacks and packaging. This has to be one of my favorite snack boxes. One thing I wish they would do is include a drink in it.

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