Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Handy Box February 2016

Today I am reviewing the Handy Box. This is a box full of tools, equipment and more for working on projects that involve getting dirty and/or working in difficult situations. This box is for the craftsmen out there in the world. You can a lot of items to help you on your projects around the house or even at work! You can get this box at: You can get it for $21.95 + $7 S&H a month. Lets get into this and hope you enjoy!

The first item that you got in this months box was the Comfort Knee Pads with Plastic Cap. These have heavy plastic caps on the front for easy knee swiveling, Rust-restraint brass grommets for added strength and Comfortable, double-elastic straps with "Easy on Easy off" fasteners for the ideal fit. Now these are really soft which will help if you have bad knees and also they will help you prevent getting bad knees if you have to be on them all the time. On the inside you have a pretty thick bendable foam piece that does not seem like it will rip easily. The Velcro straps are pretty strong and come undone easily but not too easy. They are easy to undo but will not come undone when you are working. They are fairly easy to put on and take off. The plastic protector cup really does help you prevent getting injured and you don't really feel any pain in your knees when wearing these. The knee pads do not come off easily by just sliding them off, it seems like they will only come off if you undo the Velcro When wearing these, you still have pretty decent movement off your knees and they are really comfortable. Also the elastic stretches a pretty decent distance. The retail price for these is $10.99 and for that price they are pretty good.

The next item we have is the 5 LED Cap Clip On Lamp Light. This is a light weight, adjustable, compact and hands free light. It has five LED lights and it can switch between two modes: blinking or normal. LED's last for 100,000 hours of light. This is a really bright but small light. It has a clip that you use to put it on your shirt or pants so you can have both hands to work. It can adjust to the angle that you want and it really easy to adjust. All you have to do is grab and easily turn the adjustable part. It is really easy to turn on and off/switch between modes because all you do is click the button on the bottom. It clips onto your clothes easily and it easy to take off. Also, the light is not going to just turn on if you bump it on a flat surface or even an angle but it is still easy to turn on with your finger. It is made out of plastic but not cheap plastic. The material is pretty durable and strong. The retail price of this is $7.00.

The next item is a 4" Heavy Duty Clamp. This is designed to provide non slip clamping on all shapes. This clamp is pretty sturdy but even when it is tightened as must as possible, it wiggles a little bit. It is not going to come off your project if you just yank which is good. Also the adjustable part turns very smoothly and the end part can be pushed to left or right side for easy turning.The clamp is really thick and will not just snap in half if you just tug on it or drop it. In the end it is a fairly good clamp. The retail of this is $9.99.

You also get a 10" Aluminum Square with Aluminum construction for light weight and durability. It has a multipurpose design for quick framing, roofing and stair way work. One thing I really liked about this item is that at the bottom, there is a base so it stands on it's own. Also the numbers and words on it are easy to The square is not heavy at all and it is pretty smooth along the edge. The only thing is that when I took this out of the box it was scratched fairly bad on the one side. I think that might have been because of the clamp placement in the box. It is still pretty nice though, just wish it wasn't scratched.

The last item is the 240PC Metric Nut & Bolt Assortment. Okay so this item was damaged pretty bad because the clamp and the square was placed right on top of it. They come in a plastic case which was cracked on the top. Also the nuts and bolts were all mixed up and the dividers were not in the slots they were suppose to be in. Inside, there are suppose to be like removable dividers that you can switch around but some how they came out and every thing got all mixed up. There is also a little chart that tells you which bolts/nuts are which and how many there are in the case. It is a cool idea and these are pretty good quality bolts and nuts but they are all mixed up and the case is cracked very bad on the top. Also the chart was ripped badly.

Hope you enjoyed and let me know what you think. In the end this is a pretty good box and it is kind of worth it.

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