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Graze Box review

Today I have a review of the Graze box. This is the 8 snack variety box which costs $11.99 every week that you are subscribed and I believe you can cancel at anytime. Also use coupon code LIZM1D4D8 to get your 1st box and 5th box free. Hope you enjoy and have a great day.

The first item I got in this Graze box is the New York Everything Bagel, poppy seed onion sesame sticks. These look like little sticks with seasoning on them. They smell like sesame a lot, I mean to be honest that is all you smell. Now these did not taste like what I thought, I was thinking they were going to be loaded with onion but you could hardly even taste it which I liked. The sesame was there too but not really strong and went with the onion really well. These were not bad but they are very dry.

Next we have the Banana Caramel Dippers, Banana Short Bread with caramel sauce. You can really smell the banana in these and I like banana. You get three of the banana short bread dippers and they are pretty decent sized. So the short bread by itself, tastes like bread with a light taste of banana. The banana is not strong but it is there enough to give you an after taste of it. Now the dippers are kind of crummy so be careful. These are really good with the caramel. The flavors of banana and caramel go well with each other and creates a really good taste. 

You also get Sweet Mustard Ranch pretzels- sour cream and onion cashews & mustard bread sticks. The pretzels are just unsalted pretzels, the cashews just taste like cashews with sour cream and onion and the bread sticks taste like bread with a light mustard on it. Now separately, these taste good but not all together. I liked these but not a whole lot.

You also get Graze's Popping popcorn which just tastes like popcorn with a lot of pepper on it. It was good but it did not have a real buttery taste to it. 

You also get the Protein nuts which are a bunch of nuts mixed together. There are Chili Lime Cashews, Almonds and Salted peanuts. Individually, they just taste like nuts and together they taste like nuts with a little bit of a kick to them because of the chili lime cashews. They are good but I am not really a fan of nuts so yea.

Then you have the Triple Berry Smoothie which has Mini strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and chewy banana slices. This actually tasted like a smoothie but the banana was a little over powering. It was good but would have been better with a little less banana.

I also got Apple Crumble. Now the apple crumble has Soft apple slices, Raisins and cinnamon honey almonds. This tastes like apples raisins and apples put together. I did not see where they are getting the crumble out of this but it was still good non the least. I did like the honey sweetness in this and it complimented everything else very well and all the items went together and tasted really good.

The last item is the Honey Comb Almond, Protein Granola Topper. This tastes like a honey granola bar which really tastes good. I did not taste the almond and the honey was really strong in this. I really like honey but this was a little too much honey for me. I do half to say that the other stuff canceled it out and it tasted really good.

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