Friday, February 5, 2016

World of Tanks

In this game, you are a tank. You get to choose a tank and then go into battle against other tanks. Now I know what you are thinking: "Tommy, that sounds so stupid and it probably is a joke." Wrong, this game takes you back to the old wars and all the tanks in this game are based off of real tanks. The game gives you sort of like a WWII feel and it is really fun. The only thing that is strange are the controls. This is because when you are moving you use WASD but "A" is to turn your tank left and "D" is to turn it right. The mouse is used to control the gun turning and the firing. When you zoom in, the turning is very sensitive and you turn very fast. I really enjoy this game and it is a lot of fun, challenging at first but fun. Also when it comes to the combat, it is like how tank combat should be. If the target is moving then you have to actually lead your shots. The armor is stronger in the front of the tank so you must try to shoot them in the side to do the most damage. World of Tanks is a very fun game that takes a lot of skill to play. Even though some parts of the game costs real currency and/or a premium membership. If I am correct, then you can play it on almost any gaming console/PC. Try it out by clicking this link:

Hope you all enjoyed this and let me know what you think.

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