Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Alpha Outpost March 2016 Medic (Review)

Today I have been sent a box from the people over at Alpha Outpost which is a box that sends you survival gear and stuff to help you survive in the wilderness. If you like to go adventuring or enjoy dangerous activities then get this box because it could save your life one of these days. This month's theme was Medic and in this box there is a lot of items that will help you if you fall, break a bone, hit your head, there are even items that give you a better chance if you get shot or stabbed. There is also a hand book that explains what to to do in each emergency and there are items to help you get through them. Each pack of items is vacuum sealed and non of the items are lose.

The first pack of items is used for Chest Wounds. This pack comes with Gauze, Tape, Chest Seal and Gloves. The items are sealed inside the bag and should not be opened unless you have too. In the hand book, it tells you in detail what to do but if you can't find it there is a Fast action use which is on all of the packs.

There is also a pack of items for Emergency Airway Pack and this is used for if you are having a hard time breathing. If you get hit in the chest and loose your breath or if there are moments that you just can't breath that well, do not use this first, try using your inhaler and if you don't have one or if that does not work then use these items. The items in this pack include: Nasopharyngeal Hose, Oropharyngeal Hose, CPR Mask, Lube and gloves. There is a quick action guide for if you do not have the hand book to show you what to do.

This next item is for if you fracture a bone in your body. This pack gives you the necessary items to allow you to make a splint if you need too. This item will not help your fracture a whole lot but it will be enough until you get to the hospital or get the necessary help you need. You get a Sam Splint, Pressure Wrap, Tape, gauze and gloves.

Finally there is the Profuse Bleeding Pack. This should be used as a last resort if you cannot stop the bleeding any other way or get the right help for a long time. You should not use this if you are able to get to a doctor or hospital but if you are trapped out in the woods or on a mountain with no contact or no other help then you should use this to stop the bleeding. This pack includes: Tourniquet, Pressure Bandage, Medical Tape, Gauze, Super Glue and Gloves.

Now each pack tells you what exactly to do with the items inside. You also get surgical scissors and a Three Finger Tourniquet and Gauze Sponges. You also get a bag that you can use to carry everything in.

Hope you all enjoy and have a great day. Before you go out on an adventure, make sure you pick one of these boxes up by clicking this link: They do not only give medical supplies but also gear for men. Each month is a different theme and subscriptions start out at $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

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