Friday, March 4, 2016

Buzz Bag from Sweet Melissa's Gifts Etc. (March 2016)

This is a subscription service where you can get Jewelry from different movies, T.V shows, games and more. This is a really cool subscription service and the jewelry is actually pretty cool. You can get it now for $15.00 and you get around six different pieces. The theme changes every month and this month you could have gotten items from Clary and Isabelle, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent and Percy Jackson. Now I am a huge fan of these movies and I love all of them except Clary and Isabelle because I have never seen it before. But I did research so I know what is from that movie. The Jewelry comes in a fancy little bag and each piece is in a mini bag.

So the first item you get is a Golden Snitch bracelet. This is an item from Harry Potter. There is a sport called Quidditch. This is a sport where each player must get the balls through the holes but if you catch the Golden Snitch then you automatically win. Now This bracelet has a golden ball in the middle then there are two chain links that attach wings and then you have the links that allow you to put it around your wrist to wear as a bracelet. This thing is really cool looking and pretty detailed. The ball is just a golden ball but the wings have engraved outlines that make it look like there are feathers. The engraved parts are filled in with a black paint or something to make it look more like wings. This piece is very well made and looks pretty cool. I am just not sure if guys can wear it or if it is for just girls.

The next item is the camp half blood necklace. This necklace has a circle that says Camp Half Blood around it in big engraved letters. The letters are filled in with black to give them more detail. Inside the circle is a Pegasus that dangles from a hole in the circular part. For how small the Pegasus is, the wings and mane on it are very well detailed and you actually tell they are wings. It almost looks like this piece was hand crafted.

You also got a pair of ear rings this month. These are shaped like triangles and have a maze like pattern to them. It is almost like a spiral triangle. I do not wear ear rings but these do look pretty cool. They are multicolored and the colors are strange but cool. These ear rings are Maze Runner themed.

The next item is a really cool necklace which has the main symbol from all the movies put mashed together. In the middle, there is a triangle with a circle inside of it. Then coming out of that part is a Trident and on the one side is the mocking jay from Hunger Games and a flame from Divergent. Then on the bottom is a symbol from Clary and Isabelle. This symbol looks like a diamond with two horns connected to it. It is from the movie Mortal Instuments/Shadow Hunters. This piece is not too well detailed but still looks cool non the least. Also it is a gold color.

There is also a necklace from from Clary and Isabelle(Mortal Instuments/Shadow Hunters) which is that symbol which looks like a diamond with horns coming out of it. There is no design to this, and it is just a plain silver color. Coming off of the two "horns" is where the chain connects and it gets caught very easily.

The last item is braided bracelet. This one seems like it is made out of a string that has been braided together. It is green, silver and black. I do not know if this is from a movie or not but it is cool and very well done. You can tell that someone put a lot of time into this.

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