Thursday, March 31, 2016

Interview with Svala

So I was thinking about something for a while now and that was: "Should I start doing interviews again?" I thought about and thought about... I have decided to start doing interviews again and will find ways to do them. For this post, I have done an interview with a nice young woman who streams on Twitch. The name she goes by is Svala and you can find her on Twitch by clicking here: Let's get into this.

Svala is 26 years old. She plays from Toronto, but was originally born and raised in Montréal. I asked her what she thinks makes her different than other streamers and she said she doesn't think she is different from other streamers. She tries her best to remember all of her new viewers and get to know them; where they are from, what they like or what they do for a living. She enjoys having a great interaction with them and cares about them. She started streaming on January 15th 2016, so she is a newer streamer, but she loves it. She said she always wanted to stream, but never had the courage until she lost one of her friends to cancer in November 2015 and that gave her a huge wake-up call: "life is so short and fragile, what do I have to lose for trying?" That's how almost two months later she did the first day of streaming!

She does make money from streaming. She makes money from the donations she gets from the viewers but she uses that money to upgrade her stream and make it better. She said that one day, she would like to do it for a living.  

I asked Svala what advice she would give to someone who wanted to be a streamer, here was her response: "I would tell them to take their time, don't rush into streaming. The Twitch or even YouTube community is awesome, but there is a lot of harassment, trolling and hacking. When unprepared, it can affect you deeply. Even if you say you are above hateful comments, there is always a comment or an event (ddosing for example) that will hit closer to home and affect you. Wait until you are mature enough to deal with it. I feel like a lot of young boys think that they will make it in the industry at 14-15 years old, but the reality of it is not as pink and fluffy as Pewdiepie's biography. There a lot more to streaming than just sitting at your computer and playing video games. I spend around one to two hours before and after each stream to answer emails, adjust my bot, change some settings, prepare my green screen and so on. But when you love what you do, everything is easier!"

On her channel, she plays mainly Minecraft, but off-stream she play many MMOs such as Black Desert Online, Tera and Blade and Soul. She loves RPG games and survival games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Ark Survival Evolved.She is proud of having a great stream community. She said her viewers are awesome and she can count on them to be there everyday and bring joy and happiness! This is her proudest accomplishment so far!

These are the days and times of when she streams, go check Svala out.

Schedule : Eastern Time
Weekdays starting at 4pm to 10pm
Saturday: day off
Sunday starting at 3pm to 10pm

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