Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kangaroo Jerky from Mountain America Jerky

Today I am sharing my thoughts on the Kangaroo Jerky with you. This is the second kind I have been sent from Mountain America Jerky. I hope you all enjoy and have a great day. Also to any companies that offer sponsorship or want their products reviewed let me know. I am in desperate need of a sponsor to help me get products to review for my blog. I am running out of ideas and don't have a lot of money. Let us get into the review. Time to see what kangaroo tastes like.

Okay so first off, It looks just like beef jerky. If it was not for the tag, then I would have thought it was just beef jerky. It has the same color and texture but the smell is a little different. It breaks apart very easily and is really chewy. It is sweet and very moist. I actually like this and it almost seems like it has the teriyaki flavor to it. It is not bad and it almost tastes like how beef jerky tastes only a little difference. At first there is not much flavor and it is a little dry but the more and more you chew it, the better it gets. It also has a really good after taste to it and I really enjoy it. I can now say that I know what Kangaroo tastes like and it tastes really good.

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