Monday, March 21, 2016

MuchPak Mini

Today I have a review of the MuchPak Mini! I finally got my hands on one and let me tell you it was worth the struggle. In the MunchPak Mini you get five full size snacks and they are different for every person I believe. The only thing that was wrong with this was there was no item card or anything like that. If you want to get your own click the banner to the side and get one today! The mini is 9.95 but it is worth the price because this box is a really good box for snacks.

The first item in the box is the Pocky Midi Chocolate sticks with Strawberry coating. Now these things are mini Pocky Sticks. You get three packs in the box and each pack has four mini Pocky Sticks. The chocolate biscuit stick has a very light chocolate flavor with it where as the strawberry coating has a very strong flavor to it. The strawberry coating is very soft and it almost melts in your mouth. You can taste the chocolate a little bit but the strawberry is a little too strong for it. I really like these and they are probably the best Pocky sticks I have had. The Pocky Stick company is from Japan I think.

Next we have some chips that I think are from Mexico. These are called Sabritas chips and are the Adobadas flavor. It looks like they have tomato and pepper on them. You can definitely smell the tomato and a little bit of pepper. They are very different in the shape and texture of what I am use too. These chips are red. They actually do taste really good. The chips themselves are kind of crunchier than American Chips. These almost taste like french fries and then at the end, there is a kick from the pepper. They are very different than the chips I am use too but still really good.

The next item from the box is the ZOZOLE Musss. These are apple, strawberry and cherry flavored caramels with a fizzy filling. These look interesting... Okay so I tried the apple and when you are sucking it, it definitely tastes like apple and it was almost like there was a little whole that the filling came out of when you were sucking on it to make it fizzle. I am completely confused by these but they are really good though. I was not a big fan of the other two flavors and do not try to bite them, bad idea.

Next there is the Zweet Sour Belts Rainbow flavored sour candy. They smell like bubble gum and do not look sour. They are not really that sour. The belts are colorful, taste like bubble gum and are really small. There were only four in the pack which strange for how big the pack was. They are very chewy but not hard to chew and they dissolve in your mouth. They were really good and really sweet if anything.

The second to last item is the I don't know because I can't read it. It looks like a chocolate wafer bar. This thing tastes like an ice cream cone with chocolate. This is really good and really light. It is also very crumbly so be careful. It melts in your mouth and is really good. The chocolate and waffer parts both go together very well.

Finally we have a Sweet and sassy western's beef stick from the United States. This is really good. It is a meat stick. It starts off with having a sweet flavor to it and then there is a little kick of spice to it. It is really good and not hard to chew. It also has a smokey flavor in it

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