Tuesday, March 1, 2016

SARGAS XXL from Mionix.com

So I recently found a website that sells Mice, Keyboards, Headsets and Mouse Pads. I was sent one of the mouse pads. I was sent the Sargas XXL to review which costs $49.99 (inc VAT) and $39.99 (exc VAT). Now you can this mouse pad in small, medium, large, XL or XXL. Before I talk about the features of this mouse pad, I want to talk to you about the size. I have a medium size desk and this thing does not fit completely on my desk and it droops over the edges. For my desk I actually like that because my desk has sharp edges and hurts my hands. But it does not with this pad. Oh and by the way, that is not the full mouse pad. It is only like 3/4 of this thing

Now this pad is really soft and smooth. With the larger sizes, you are able to put your key board on them. With that being said, the mouse slides across it easily but my keyboard does not move unless I use a lot of force. This is good because when you are typing, you do not want your keyboard just sliding around your desk. At the same time of your keyboard staying still, your mouse just glides along the pad with no force at all. I have found that with a lot of cheap mouse pads, your mouse just stops moving.

This mouse pad has optimized material to improve tracking performance. Woven cloth microfiber matrix prevents data loss and improves tracking performance for next generation optical and laser gaming sensors. This is useful because when you are clicking and dragging your mouse, sometimes the courser does not move along with the mouse. That is caused when the mouse laser looses the surface and it does not detect the pad to be there. Since the mouse just glides across this mouse pad, it does not stop highlighting the text or whatever you are highlighting.

Also, the Sargas has the highest control at maximum speed. A unique balance between the gliding of speed and the friction of a control surface provides an advanced mousing experience at remarkable precision. When using this mouse pad it is easy for the mouse to glide along until you need to highlight sometime. Somehow when I have to be precise, this mouse pad allows that. It is really cool because when I am highlighting text, it is so fast but when I need to select something small, I can very easily.

This mouse pad also has a water repellent enhanced material compound. This makes the gaming surface easy to clean and it does not soak up the water. If you spill a drink on your Sargas, don't worry. Just grab a towel and wipe up the spill with ease. This is great because I know a lot of gamers including myself are always spilling drinks when on the computer and then they have to take time away from the game to clean it or even throw it away. See but since this mouse pad is water repellent, cleaning is easy. 

There is also a non-slip grip on natural rubber base and laser cut edges. The natural rubber base assures a non slip grip. This mouse pad is not going to just fall off of your desk because it actually grips onto your desk. See but when you need to move it, it is very easy to be moved. It stays on when you don't want it off and comes off easily when you do. 

The Sargas is built with a transportable and versatile design.  The soft and flexible fabric allows easy roll up for transportation. Generous padding and a wrist cavity for highest comfort during long gaming sessions. As I said before this mouse pad is very comfortable and prevents your wrist from hurting if you are moving them along the pad for a long time. When you need to put it away or take it somewhere just roll it up and put it back in the box.

If you would like to buy one of these for yourself then check it out here: http://mionix.net/surface/sargas-xxl/. Hope you guys enjoyed and have a good one! If you are looking for an amazing mouse pad, then you should get this one. Maybe not the same size at mine(If you want you can, I am not your mother) but you should still get one. I have not had a good mouse pad before but this one is great! It is comfortable, easy to take traveling, smooth, the mouse glides across it and it just looks cool.

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