Saturday, March 19, 2016


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A few weeks ago, I was sent a mouse pad from Mionix and it was the Sargus XXL. I have shared the properties of said mouse pad with you but now I am going to give you my opinion about it. So the first thing I want to talk about is the size. This mouse pad is very large. It took up my entire desk and still droops over the edge. I mean who in there right mind would need a mouse pad this large. It took up my entire kitchen table. Now one thing that I really like about this mouse pad is that it is water proof. I shake and jerk a lot so naturally I spill my drink every so often. With this mouse pad, it is easy to clean up the drink. With that being said, it gets dirty a lot and I mean a lot. It is not easy to clean the stains from the mouse pad either. The mouse does rum smoothly across the pad and does not get lost per say. It is really soft also. I mean I really enjoy  using this mouse pad and has a really nice look to it. I would recommend you buy this but go with a smaller version unless you have a desk that is big enough to fit it. Check it out here: and check out my other post about this mouse pad.

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I was looking for awesome geek goodies and collectibles and I found a Supply Pod from Outer Places. This supply pod is full of amazing goodies that you get from all over right to your door. If you are into collecting items or love movies and TV shows then you should get this. Even if you don't think you want it get it any ways because I have a special code that can be used to save some money off of your next subscription. Click this link to get yours now and use this special code (TOMMY10) to save 10% off of yours now. Trust me this is a really good subscription box for anyone of all ages.

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