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Top 5 Christian Songs

The Number Of, Figure, Five, PngToday I have a different post for all of you today. I am going to bring back the Top 5 lists and today is going to be Top 5 Christian Songs. A lot of people may be thinking that this is stupid but it is not. Christian music is still apart of this world. You may not see it but it is, it has just taken a different form. There all different types of Christian music and here are the top 5 songs.

5. MercyMe - Flawless

This song explains what the cross and what God is all about and tells you that no matter what you do or what you say, since Jesus died on that cross, you are flawless. The singer is also saying that he has committed sins and has done some bad stuff but he asked for forgiveness and so can everyone else. This song gives you an explanation while also being upbeat in a sort of Pop form of music. Check it out here:

4. Fireflight- Unbreakable

This is a Christian Rock song that explains all the people who accuse and call you out, now they are hiding because if you pray and ask God for help, you will become unbreakable. This song is saying to never give up and don't give in, God will help you. Eventually the bullies and people who are mean will return but God will help you be stronger. This song is a really good song and it is a Christian Rock song. This song is good for people who are giving up on life and it helps you realize that you must believe.

3. Starset- My Demons

The singer in this song is saying that his Demons are taking him over and he is asking God to save him because he can't stop it on his own. If you are feeling down and if your sins and demons are taking you over and if you can't help doing bad things, ask God to help you and he will. He can take you and turn you into something else and help you. This song is another Christian Rock song. It is number 3 on my list because it is really catchy and gives a good message. Not only does it give a good message, it does it in a very effective way.

2. The Letter Black - Hanging On By A Thread

In this song, the person is almost giving up and needs saving but they will keep hanging on so that they can be saved. Not saved from anyone else but saved from their self before it is too late. There is a time where everyone is like this and you just have to admit it and ask for help before you can't. This song is another song song that gives the message in a good way and it does so through Rock music. It is also very catchy and a really good song non the least.

1. Skillet - Monster

In this song, Monster is another word for sins. The singer has all of these sins inside him that no one knows about and he does not want them to get out because they will tear him to pieces. He wants to confess these sins and what he has done but it could destroy him and he could become those sins. Now I know a lot of people listen to Skillet and a lot of people know this song. It is a really great song that speaks the truth about most people in the world. Mostly everyone out there feels like this.

Hope you all enjoyed and let me know what you think in the comments below. Check out these songs and these bands along with all the other bands that sing Christian music but with a twist.

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