Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Unboxing the Bizarre May 2016

I have been sent a box called Unboxing the Bizarre for the month of May 2016. This box has been sent to me two months early and let me tell you, this box is amazing. Unboxing the Bizarre is for all the crazy, wacky and Bizarre holidays that not everyone knows about. The box starts out at $39.95 and this is for 4 different items but for $49.95 you can get the deluxe version which includes the items in regular plus one or more items from the main holidays. I can not do the full review until it is out for all of you but here are some sneak previews. In this box, you will be getting items that are related to Space day which is on May 6, National Golf Day which is May 18, Star Wars day which is May 4 and World Lindy Hop day. Now these items that you are getting could be anything. I will this, they are pretty awesome and I liked all the items in this box. If you would like to get your own then click the link and order now: Unboxing The Bizarre!

I was looking for awesome geek goodies and collectibles and I found a Supply Pod from Outer Places. This supply pod is full of amazing goodies that you get from all over right to your door. If you are into collecting items or love movies and TV shows then you should get this. Even if you don't think you want it get it any ways because I have a special code that can be used to save some money off of your next subscription. Click this link https://supplypod.outerplaces.com/ to get yours now and use this special code (TOMMY10) to save 10% off of yours now. Trust me this is a really good subscription box for anyone of all ages.

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