Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Warframe my thoughts

Warframe is a really fun and amazing game that  a lot of people now a days play. Warframe is a game that takes a little while of getting use to at first but the more and more you play it, the more and more fun it becomes. When ever you are playing this game you will get something good and think that you are over powered but then you see something better than what you have and realize that you are not that good and you will want to play this game even more to become the best you could ever be. I am not going to go threw every little detail for this game but trust me, you want to try this game and do not just give up. It is hard at first but it will get easier the more you play and the better you become. You have to try this game and the best part is you play it free! Also you don't need to spend any money even though you can but don't be cause if you work hard enough then you can get everything for free.

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