Wednesday, April 6, 2016

ALPHA OUTPOST April 2016- BBQ and Chill Pack

Alright I have been sent another box from Alpha Outpost to do a review of. The Alpha Outpost box is one for all you people who like to go outside. It contains items to help you with activities from camping to Grilling. There are even some boxes that can help you save someone's life. This is for the month of April 2016 and the theme is BBQ and Chill Pack. Hope you all enjoy and let's get into this.

The first few items that are included are the Smokin' Good Rub, Smokin' Hot Rub and Island theme Rub from Johnny Van's SMOKEHOUSE. Now these are used to give your steak or whatever you are cooking more flavor. They smell really good and I tried some of each and they taste really good also. The Smokin' Good Rub is a lot bigger than the other two but the smaller two are still pretty decent in size. I really like these items and they are very good if you are someone who likes to add flavor to what ever you are cooking.

You also get a silicone baster which is used to spread your sauce all over the meat. There is a hard handle which does not seem like it will break and the brush part is soft and will not damage the meat. Even though this thing is not made out of medal, it is made out of very good quality silicone.

The next item featured in this box is the Meat Thermometer. This item has a plastic handle to it where the LED temperature screen is at. Then you have the metal end that sticks into the meat which is made out of aluminum I believe.  The device takes a triple A battery to power it. One cool thing is that if you have a low battery than it will tell you. The LED screen can be read pretty easily and the metal end can be tucked away so no one gets hurt. Also the base is plastic and very light.

Next we have the Grill Gloves. These are plastic gloves that protect your hands from getting burnt. These gloves are very flexible and they allow you to get a really good grip on items. They are also very comfortable and do not take away any of the mobility from your hands. The only bad thing is that they sort of smell bad.

You also get Bear Claws which are used for pulling your meat apart before you sauce it. The claws are plastic but they do have very sharp ends on them. You are able to get a good solid grip whenever holding these and surprisingly enough they are not uncomfortable. These are not play toys though and they are very sharp.

Speaking of sharp, you also get knives in this months box. You get a Santoku and Utility knife. These knives are very sharp and really good quality knives. The Santoku knife is very large and can cut through meat very easily. It is also very large.  Then you have the Utility Knife which is very small but still very sharp and I actually cut some of the hair off of my arm with it. I really like the design of these knives and they look really cool.

Then you have the Koozies. You get four of them and they are black with an orange text. They appear to be made out of some fabric and they are also insulated to keep your drink cold. They are also very funny sayings on the one side which will make you laugh.

You also get a Bullet Ice Cube Tray. You can make your ice look like bullets which is really cool and awesome. The tray consists of two parts: a top and bottom. The cool thing with this tray is that the top extrudes while the bottom is deep enough for you to fit the top into it so you can make fully circular bullets. Once you put the water in, just snap the tray shut and it makes for easy transport.

Another cool item included in this box is the Carpenter Bottle Opener. This is a piece of wood that has been shaped to allow a good grip on it and at the one end, there is a nail sticking out. The head of the nail has been bent down at a ninety degree angle and this is the part that opens your bottle. It is very well made, smooth and light.

The final item included in this months box is the Alpha Outpost Peeler. This is just peeler, that is it. It is made out of plastic and it peels. I think it is used to undress something like a salad or something because the information card says: "Undress your side." I don't know what this is but even though it is made out of plastic, it still has a sharp edge on it.

Hope you all enjoy and have a great day. Before you go out on an adventure, make sure you pick one of these boxes up by clicking this link: They do not only give medical supplies but also gear for men. Each month is a different theme and subscriptions start out at $39.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling.

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