Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mpow Bullfight Bluetooth Earbuds

Hello everyone! Today I have an awesome product to share with you for this review. I am talking about the Mpow Bullfight Bluetooth Earbuds. These earbuds are completely Bluetooth and you can use them for any Bluetooth device. I have never used a pair of earbuds that were as good as these ones are. I did have to use my brothers iPhone because I do not have the money for anything Bluetooth so I had to give them to him after I used them. Now I am going to tell you why these headphones are so great.

The first thing I noticed was that these earbuds connect very fast to your device. Also, you can have these connected to two devices at once. This is very convenient if you have a busy schedule. Let's say that you are on the phone with work but a family member calls. You easily switch the Bullfight earbuds to the device so you can talk your family and also not have to worry about loosing the call with your work! Also you can use them for up to seven hours on a single charge.

These earbuds are designed to go around the back of your head and into your ears. This design is great for
people who hate accidentally pulling out your earphones. It is also great because they allow for you to not have to keep messing with them when working out. Now these headphones work great when it comes noise cancellation. I notice in a lot of earbuds that there is a small gap between the plastic part and the rubber part that goes into your ears but these ones do not have that. The rubber part goes the whole ways around the plastic part. You can not hear anything except the sound that is coming out of the earbuds.

They also clip together by magnets for easier carrying. Also when you clip them together, it pauses your music or ends/rejects a call!

These earbuds are also very comfortable. Whenever you are using them, it is almost like there is nothing in your ears because you can barely fell them. Also even though that the Bullfight Earbuds are Bluetooth, they do not fall out of your ears. I had these in and was shaking my head like crazy(made my head hurt) and they did not fall out, they did not even move.

There is also a mic on these which is a very good quality mic. The mic is very clear, convenient and not in the way!

There is a part on the Bullfight earphones that allows you to sync to your device and chance the volume. You can change the volume without having to take your device out of your pocket! The sync button is also the power button. All you have to do is long hold the power button connect to your device.

These earbuds make the songs/videos you watch sound so much better than other earbuds. You can hear all the small details that you normally can't! Also in other earbuds/headphones, if you have the volume up too loud than there is static and the sound becomes unclear. You don't have that problem with these earbuds so blast away! The Bullfight earbuds have such clear sound that it is almost like you being sung to by the artist in person.

The last feature I want to talk to you about with these headphones is that depending on what song you are listening to, it seems like the sound quality changes to best fit the song. For some songs, there is more bass, others not so much. Some songs sound louder where other songs sound quieter.

Hope you all enjoyed and if you want to get you own pair of Bullfight Earphones from Mpow then click here:

That is all for this review and I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day!

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