Monday, April 4, 2016

Interview with About a Beach

Okay there is a band out there in the world that makes covers of songs but they have a little twist on their covers. The band consists of six members and their names/ what they play are as followed: Ken: Guitar, Stijn: Bass Guitar, Bert: Drums, Bram: Saxophone, Elisabeth: Vocals, Tim: Percussion. The person I interviewed was Tim. He was an amazing person and an awesome guy all around. The members ages range from 28-35 I was told.

I asked to first explain a bit about the band About A Beach and he said that the members are all great friends and they work on different projects. He said that they all had an idea to start a project where they would make cool adaptions of songs that already exist. They would cover songs but put there own twist on them and call it Tropical Pop. This band has existed for a month and a half as of right now and they are just doing the stuff they do with this band for fun.

About A Beach is not the only band that they have. The members all started their first band 15 years ago. Everyone in the band are all professional musicians. The inspiration to start this came from
SeƱor Coconut And His Orchestra which is a singer/band that covers to songs with a "Jacket" that you don't hear every day. About A Band wanted to do something similar so they came up with this mix to songs only theirs is more tropical. They wanted something different but at the same time similar to this but without the "Jacket" and they wanted to make it more beach proof. 

The band started YouTube to have people hear their music and About A Beach wanted to share what they created with the world. They really do not care what other people think for the most part, Tim told me that they just enjoy the music and are doing this to have fun. He also said that the videos were a sort of promotional idea so that they could play on stage more. 

He said that there is a lot of waiting involved with this project but his family and friends have always supported him and so have the other band members family/friends. 

He said that everyone in the band enjoys going out to have a good time and go eat or drink something together. Tim also said that he loves the city they are in, which I am not going to say but live in Belgium. 

Tim told me that the band will cover any song that you can think of. He said he does not enjoy listening to Hard Metal types of music and also the electronic music. I ask him to use three words to describe the band he said he would use Tropical, Summer Vibes and Cocktails. He said he would say cocktails because when you close your eyes while listening to About a Beach you would imagine yourself sitting on a beach bar with a cocktail in your hands. 

I then asked Tim what advice he would give to someone who wanted to do what he does now and he said: "I think he just needs to do what he wants to do and don't listen to what other people tell you to do. If you want it yourself, you'll reach it." 

Tim said it is a lot of fun being in a band, he said it is like you are all friends but at the same time you are making music and you are creating something. 

He has always wanted to make music from a young age. He realized he wanted to be on stage from like around 8 or 9 years old. 

Tim went on to say that it was not that hard to start after he and the rest of the band figured out what they were doing. 

He said to you guys, thank you for checking out the page and check out their music if you haven't already. Click here to check out their Facebook and everything else is on there also. 

Hope you all enjoy and have a great day! 

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