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SteelBurghBox Fanatic Box (April 2016)

Today I am going to be sharing an awesome subscription box. This is for all of you Steelers fans out there. This subscription box is a box full of Steelers collectibles and cool items. The total Retail Value of this box is over $80.00. Click the link at the end to get your box. Hope you all enjoy and have a great day! Let's get into this!

The first item we have is a Pop figure from the football collection. The one that I got was Troy Polamalu. This is a pretty cool little item and I did not know that there Steelers Pop figures and I am happy that I got this one. The paint job is very detailed on this and they even have it to where his hair is long and curly. Another cool feature about this figure is that you can remove the helmet. That is if you ever decide to open this thing. This is number 20/26 for this series.

The next item is something that I am not familiar with but it still looks really cool. It is the Lil' Teammates ThrowBacks Collectible NFL Figures This is a Series 2 Figure and it is a quarterback from the Steelers. Now this thing is very small and yet it is still very detailed. The paint and everything looks good on this little guy.

You also get some fuzzy dice. These are 3" each in size, they are high quality plush and they have the team logo on them. They are from the company Fremont Die and they are pretty good in quality. Each on is a different color: one is yellow and one is black. They do look like how Dice are suppose to look. They are also very soft and squishy.

You also get a decal that is their website: "". It is big enough so you can see the letters and it is like a yellowish gold color. This decal is very well made and I like it. The parts came of the paper like they were suppose to and it looks very nice.

There were three pins in this box. Two of them were metal and had the logo along with like a metal background. The other one is a 6X World Champ Jersey pin which is made out of rubber and has a lot of detail in it. The jersey is white and this is 3-D pin. The text extrudes and so do the parts around the sleves and collar.

You also get a Lanyard and a pencil. The lanyard is black and has the Steelers name and logo going the whole ways around it. This is made out of good quality material and has and detachable end. The pencil is really cool. It is black until you get to the tip where it changes to yellow. In the middle it has "Steelers" written on it then at the eraser end there is the logo and at the other end is a helmet.

Next is the World Champs 6-Burgh XLIII licences plate. The words at the top are yellow with a white outline then the words in the middle are white with a yellow out line then the words at the bottom are yellow with a white outline. The letters are extruded which always give for a better feel and look. The background is black and there is a yellow line going around the outside. The corners are rounded so that they are not sharp.

There is also a special Terrible Towel. This seems like it is a winter edition or Christmas maybe. It has two snow men on it, a ribbon, snow and everything you would see around Christmas. I did not know that a Terrible Towel like this even existed.

The second to last item is a Steelers flag which has a black background, the three diamonds in the middle and around the ends is a strip of yellow then black, then white, then black, then yellow again there are brass grommets on the ends of it so you can hang it up and it is a 3' X 5' flag.

The last item is the Steelers bandanna. To start off, the border is yellow, then there is a black strip, a yellow strip, white strip, black strip then white strip. In the middle you have a big yellow diamond and in each corner you four more diamonds in a square pattern which are red and blue. The blue diamonds are diagonal from each other and same with the red ones.  Each diamond has a white outline. Outside of that you have "PITTSBURGH" going around it with the red and blue diamonds in the corners.

Hope you have enjoyed this review and make sure to check this box out if you love the Steelers. There are some really awesome items in this box. Click here to check out the website:

That is all for this review and I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day!

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