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World Of Munchies

Today I have a new snack delivery box to share with all of you. This is my review of the Serious snacker box from the people over at World Of Munchies. This snack box aims to send you snacks from different places all around the world. If you are interested in this snack box you get your own by clicking here: Use the code: "Tommysblog" to save 15% off any box that you get. Let's get into the review. The Serious Snacker option includes at least 14 items and you can add more of the items that you want.

The first snack we are taking a look at is a Knoppers Crispy. This looks like it has different layers: A wafer, chocolate, wafer, milk(looks like that is what it is by looking at the package), wafer. It smells like how a chocolate wafer would smell. The first thing taste is the wafer and chocolate but then for a little while you taste something different. I think it might be the white substance but it does not stay long. The wafer is light but it tastes a lot different than the ones in American or subscription box I have tried. I really liked this and it was very good. 

Next up is the Knder bueno. When I looked at the package, I thought that this was going to be a long chocolate bar but it is not. There are little bit size squares that are wrapped in a clear package and are linked together. These are chocolate covered wafers with a creamy filling. The filling does not seem to have a flavor which is weird. The chocolate is there but it is a mellow taste and it allows for you to taste the wafer also. I am very confused about what is inside these things. 

The next item is the Kinder Happy Hippo. This a crispy wafer biscuit with a milky cream and cocoa creamy filling. The milky cream filling is on the top half and the chocolate filling is on the bottom half. This thing is very good. It is really crunchy and makes a mess if you are not careful. There is a Meringue Coating which makes for a weird but good texture. The hippo had eyes on it also which is a nice touch. The two fillings mix together and the milky cream filling makes it so the chocolate filling is not too strong.

The next item is a Orion Choco-Pie which looks a lot like a Moon Pie. The whole thing is covered in chocolate then on the top and bottom there are cake like biscuits with a marshmallow filling. This thing is very soft and spongy. The top and bottom tastes like a cake. You can tell that the marshmallow is there but you can't taste it. 

I also got a Sheng Hsian Jen Orange Cream filled wafer. The wafer just seems like a plain wafer and the filling is white. You can smell the wafer which smells orange. The wafer is very light and flaky. The orange flavor is there but not that strong. It is still pretty good and the orange filling tastes like actual oranges. 

There is also the 3 color coconut from Candy Farm.  There are three different flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. This this is very soft and squishy. The smell, all you can smell is coconut...I hate coconut. It feels almost like a stick of gum. There is a light flavor of coconut and all the other flavors mix together well. I hate coconut. 

Next in the box is a bag of Potato Fry potato chips. These are thicker than the chips we get in america and instead of them being salty, they are sweet. They are just like potato chips but they are sweet. I don't really know what else to say about them, they are very good though. 

The next item is the All Natural Fruit Strip. This is autumn apple flavor. It looks like a strip of  cardboard. One side of it is smooth and sticky, the other side is rough and not sticky. It definitely smells like apples. It tastes like apples but it has a weird texture to it and also it is very chewy. 

There are also some green onion crackers. These crackers are very thin and smooth. They do smell like onion. They are really dry. You can totally taste the onion and that is all you taste. There is a weird texture to them that is almost like paper. I do not like these because I do not like onions so yea. If you like onions then you will like these.

The next thing I got is the Hula Hoops original potato chips. They smell like chips. They are very small and thick. The chips look like circles and they are very hard to break. The chips are really crunchy and do not have much of a taste. They taste almost like they are burnt. To get the flavor of a chip you much eat like two or three at a time.

There is also the Turron & Mani milky cream wafer bar. This thing is very big and long. It tasted a little like peanut butter but I could not try the whole thing because it was stale. It did taste very good, almost like a peanut butter cake.

The next item looks a granola bar almost. I can not read what it says and there is no index card or list telling you what the item is. I thought that this thing was going to be soft but it is not. It smells like peanuts for some reason. It is black with almonds and seeds in it. It is very sweet and tastes like nuts.

I also got some Chocolate Pocky Sticks. These are biscuit sticks that are covered in chocolate. They are very good. I've had other flavors of Pocky but not the chocolate covered ones. These taste like dark chocolate. You can not taste the stick that much because the chocolate over powers it.

The next item is the Pulparindo Mango. It is brown in color, has a very strong mango taste. It is really sticky and chewy. I do not like mango so I do not like this.

Next up it the Baton. This is just a round mini piece of chocolate that does not taste too good to me. It has a bitter taste to it. I don't really like this piece of chocolate for some reason.

The next item is the Vitner's Cheese flavored Kurls(Sizzlin' Hot). On the package there is a guy who looks like he is dying. There is a very strong smell with these things that almost smells like straight up hot sauce. They are very, very red. The taste is like cinnamon but the heat hits you fast and strong. Wow they are spicy. If you like hot stuff then you will like these. The back of my throat is burning like crazy. 

There are also some spicy peas. They are Hot Green Peas. These look like someone took dry peas and just sprinkled pepper on them. All you can smell is is the pepper and that scares me.  After trying them, they are not spicy at all and just taste like peas. I don't know if I like these or not. 

Next up are the Sabrita's Hot Flavored Peanuts. They just taste like peanuts and are not hot at all. I do not like them though for some reason.

The last item is the Mango Hi-Chew. This is a very small piece of gum but it smells good. The gum is white with a yellow inside. It is a little sticky for some reason and it is very soft. There is a texture like rubber and the mango flavor comes in strong. It is really good and got rid of the other flavors. 

This was a very interesting experience and I like some of the stuff and didn't like some of the stuff. This is still a very good box and you should check it out by clicking the link that is in the beginning of this. 

That is all for this review and I hope you enjoyed it and have a great day!

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