Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bento Spicy Larb from Thailand review(discount code)

So I went online and found a website that sends you snacks from Thailand(. I asked them to send me some snacks to review. One of the things I was sent was Bento Spicy Larb which by the looks of it, is part of a squid. Let's get into this. When I first opened the package, there was an unpleasant smell. The Larb came in thin strips that are tan in color. They have a really weird texture and they are very sticky. You can also smell the spice on this. You can tear this apart very easily and it is almost like ripping paper. It is hard to chew. It is almost like rubber. This actually does not taste that bad. It almost tastes like Taco seasoning but wow is it spicy. The spice hits you right at the beginning and lasts for a good minute. The Larb itself, tasted like fish of course but with some seasoning. It was almost like you were eating a spicy fish taco. This just goes to say that some stuff tastes better than it looks.

If you want to get some snacks from Thailand then click the link and use code: "tommygetsnack"  This code is good until July 31, 2016 and it allows you to get 5% off your first order. You should really check out these snacks. They come straight out of Thailand and they are not that expensive plus the snacks are decent sized. Click here to get your snacks from Thailand:

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That is all for this review. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

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