Monday, May 9, 2016

Forever Spin Quality Spinning Tops

Alright so I finally got my hands on some Forever Spin Quality Spinning Tops! Today I am going to be taking a look at them with you. Also, I have some videos of them spinning for you guys! Now I want to say thanks to Forever Spin for sending me these because they look so nice and are so awesome! I love these things. I was sent three toppers and a spinning base. The toppers I was sent were Titanium which are $48 dollars each, Copper which are $44 dollars each and Rose Gold Plated which are $60 dollars a piece. Now you might be thinking that is a little too much but they are not. First off they are not made out of any old cheap metal or plastic, these are made out of real high quality metals. Also you can not find Spinning Toppers that are made like these. When they say Rose Gold Plated, they mean it is plated with real Rose gold.

First I want to talk about the packaging these came in. They came in light brown cardboard boxes that have the logo on the top and on the bottom they have some information on how they were made. All I am going to say is they were made from a CNC machine. It also tells you that they were made in Canada. Why does Canada have to have better stuff than America. I hate living in America.

Anyways, the toppers look very nice look to them. The Titanium one is a light grey metallic color then whenever is held up to the light, it has a shine to it which makes it look really cool. The Cooper one is like a light brown and everyone knows what Copper looks like but this one is still very cool because when the light hits it, it becomes lighter and shinier. Now my favorite one is the Rose Gold Plated. This one looks so nice. You can see the gold part of it but it almost looks red at some angles. That is because it is red, well there is a tint to it that makes it look red. I just know that this one is so bright with color and so cool and shinny that I love it.

These toppers are not just thrown together and made quickly so when you buy, them they break. No they are made to last for a very long time and are made so that you can buy something that looks nice but is also very fun. These things are so much fun to use and they spin for decent amount of time.

As you can see in the video that will be at the end of my review, if you get a really good spin then it will spin for over a minute and a half. They spin for a very long time because of the special base that you can buy. The base costs $39 dollars. The base is made out of a heavy metal and some sort of black glass like material. The black part of the base is very smooth and allows the tops to spin easily. The only problem I have with this base is that it gets scratched easily so be careful when using your tops on it. Due to the design of the Base, the toppers do not just spin off even when they start to wobble, they still do not spin off.

If you get a smudge on any of the toppers or the base, use the included cloth that you get to clean off the smudge and/or dirt. I really like that this was included so that you know what to use when cleaning the base/toppers.

Below are some videos of how these look while spinning.

That is all for this review. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on these. Have you ever had spinning tops? Do you own any of these tops? Do you want these? Did you ever hear about Forever Spin? Let me know.

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