Wednesday, May 11, 2016

JAM Transit headphones

Today I have a new review for all of you. This is going to be a review of a pair of headphones. Now, you might be thinking: "Tommy! Why are reviewing another pair of headphones? What makes these special?" These are not just another pair of headphones. These are the JAM Transit headphones from the people over at JAM Audio. I am going to be telling you what makes these headphones so special. Enjoy.

These can be used as Bluetooth or you can use the included cord to connect them to any device you have. The Aux cord is 3.5mm long and you also get a charging cord. The cord stays in the ear phones and it is pretty sturdy. It takes a lot of force to pull the cord out of the headphones.

When I first got these headphones out of the box, they felt a little bit too heavy but then, I put them on and I could not feel them hardly at all. I then realized that they are "on-ear" headphones and usually with these kind of headphones, your ears start to hurt after using them for a while but not with these ones. These headphones are so comfortable and amazing.

There is a deep base when it comes to these and I mean deep, a good kind of deep. I also found something
out about these while listening to music and videos and that is the sound coming out of these is very detailed and crisp. The sound does not change whether you have it connected Bluetooth or not. The sound is very good in these. The sound goes all around you and it is almost like you are listening to the person/video face to face.

There are buttons on the side that let you pause/play music and videos, skip songs/videos and change the volume. These buttons do only work when connected Wireless/Bluetooth. To connect to the WIFI, all you have to do is hold the play button until it starts to blink then select it on your device.

In the end these are some really good headphones and I love them. Click the link to get yours for $49.99:

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