Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lenape Restaurant review

Earlier today, my dad and I went to the Lenape Restaurant which is run by the Culinary Arts class at Lenape Technical school. This restaurant is so nice and the food not only looks amazing it tastes amazing as well. I went there for the Buffet that they had today Wensday, May 11th and they will also have another one tomorrow. It is only ten dollars to eat there and for ten dollars, that is a steal! Today I had Tilapia, beef, mash potatoes, green beans, Blueberry Cobbler and Peanut butter pie. It was amazing and all the food tasted so great! The mash potatoes where not lumpy, the beef and Tilapia had great taste and they were moist and chewy. The Blueberry Cobbler was moist and not too strong in flavor. The only problem is that the Peanut butter pie was made with dark chocolate. It was still good though and I loved all of the food that was there. The place was very nice and decorated, the waiters were really helpful and made sure you were having a good time and they made sure that everything was cleaned and neat. Here is their Facebook page: check them out and go eat there!

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