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Mantry Subscription box for May 2016

Today we are going to take a look at what is inside a Mantry Subscription Box for May 2016. In this box you get Six full-size hand-selected products for $49 every month. These snacks come from the top American Food Makers. This box is delivered every 2 months right to your door. You can get yours now by clicking this link: You can subscribe for the every 2 months or you can pay for a full year. Hope you all enjoy and let me know what your thoughts are on this crate. Let's get into this. 

One thing I realized is that the crate is actually a wooden crate and it looks awesome. And for all of those people wondering, yes this is made out of real wood. 

The first item we are going to look at is the Miss Marjorie's Steel Drum Plantains. There are three naturally hand made trays. The Plantains are Gluten Free, Vegan and the box also says Delicious. I have never eaten Plantains before so I have no idea what they tasted like until now. They look like potato chips and they are thin and crunchy. They smell like plants which is what they are. These things are not bad until you get to the after taste. At first there is no taste to them but then you taste the plants afterwards. These are sort of like a potato chip but they are harder to chew and they taste like grass.

Next we have the Bodacious Bacon Beer Brittle from the people over at Stacy's Sweet Spot. This stuff smells like sweet bacon but there is no beer smell. It is very crunchy but not too hard the chew. You can taste the beer in this but there is no bacon flavor to these. It tastes a little sweet at the end but for the most part, it just tastes like it is burnt. 

We also have some True Gentlemen's Jerky. This is some Korean Flavored Barbecue Beef Jerky. I really like the packaging of this. It looks really cool. The hat is probably my favorite part. The jerky smells really sweet and a little spicy. It is not that hard to chew but wow is it hot when you start chewing it. It is sweet and spicy at the same time. Koreans know how to make Jerky! I really like this stuff.

The next item we got is the Ashley's Blueberry Vinaigrette. This stuff is a sort of brown color and it smells like vinegar. I do smell any of the the blueberry. This is some really strong stuff. I did taste a little bit of blueberry but it is just too strong for my liking. I like the bottle design and it does not taste bad but it is just too strong for me. 

Next we have some hak's bbq sauce which is Chipotle and Bourbon flavor. This is Coined the "Perfect Sauce." This has a very sweet smell to it and also a spicy smell at the same time. It has a similar smell the the sauce from MC Donald's. I don't really taste anything different from what you can buy at the store. 

There is also some Piri Piri Chili Salt from The Chili Lab. This is just Chili and salt put together to make spicy salt. It is not bad and it is sort of spicy. I like it. The container it comes in is cool though. You have the glass jar with the logo and there is a cork in the top which makes it look really cool.

We also got some coasters which are black and white with the Mantry logo on them and a background that looks like wood and feels like wood also. It is not wood though. 

There is also some Alaskan sea salt. This is legit sea salt that has not been tampered with or bleached or anything like that. There is not a whole lot that you get but you don't really need a lot of salt anyways. It is apparently hand crafted. I might try this sometime.

There is also are card that has a 3 month free subscription for which I am giving to you to use(mantry). There is a free one year magazine subscription. 

That is all for this review. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this.

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