Monday, May 2, 2016

Serious Issue

Alright this is something that really needs to be addressed and it really irritates me that it keeps going on. I am talking about drama. Now I am not going to start drama, I do not want any trouble but it needs to stop. Everyday, I go to get on the internet and watch a video or go on Facebook and I always see someone posting something about drama.  I can not stand to see that, I hate seeing that. If you have problems with someone then take it out in person. I am not talking about like reacting to someone/something and calling them stupid or saying that they have no idea what they are doing because that is just an opinion on them. See but there are people who go above and beyond trying to make the person loose their job or who are trying to start fights with someone just because they are jealous and mad because they don't do anything productive with their life. I mean like come people! Stop with the false accusations and stop trying to make other people's lives hell just because your jealous. I just wish it would stop. I have lived my whole life with drama and I don't want to see it any more. If you have problems with someone, the internet is not the place for it. If you have an issue with someone either talk it over with the person or get over yourself. 

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