Friday, May 6, 2016

Thoughts on Battlefield Hardline

Alright you have all heard of Battlefield Hardline by now and if not, where have you been. Oh, well people might not have heard about it because it completely sucked. This Battlefield game is the worst Battlefield game ever. The campaign was so boring and the plot line was stupid. Good cops go bad, you get fired and are trying to expose the bad cops. Like no body has heard of that before, watch TV, watch some movies and you'll see this. The multiplayer, the multiplayer was so stupid and it just all around sucked. If you want a game where people are complete scum, then play this game. Also with the guns, you could just go and buy them. You want the best gun out there, go and buy it. Granted some guns had to be unlocked by challenges but what is the point of playing a game when you don't have to work for what you have. They also have a bronze, silver and gold camo that normally would be really hard to get but not in this game. You can just save up money and buy it. This game is a disgrace to the Battlefield name. It also seemed like the creators were trying to make the game feel like Call of Duty which was a mistake and half. I love the battlefield games but I played this one for like a week and then took it back to the store because it was so bad.

That is all for this review. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day!

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