Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Try The World- Spain Box

There is a subscription box that once you sign up, you can taste products from around the world. The box that I got my hands on is the Spain Box. The items in this box are ingredients it seems like and there is a guide on how to use your box to cook meals. Let us get into this review and hope you all enjoy. Let know what you think at the end.

The first item in this box is the Paprika which is best known to be put on vegetable or seafood Paella and Patatas Bravas. This is made by El Avión and it is said that this is "packaged in a collectible vintage tin with ripe peppers to maintain the spice's bright color and flavor." This has a light tomato smell and it is very very red in color. The Paprika is like a soft powdery substance and it is very dry and does not have a lot of flavor but you can feel a little bit of spice.

Next up we have the Canned Mussels. A family company dedicated to the quality of their products The mussels are harvested from the Arosa estuary in Galicia. The fresh shell fish are then fried in extra virgin olive oil and canned in pickling sauce. They smell fishy and they taste like Tuna but there was a sweetness to these and there was a weird texture to them.

Up next we have the El Almendro Turrón. These things have been made since 1883 and it is a popular holiday candy with raw ingredients and craftsmanship. This one has Crunchy crushed almonds in it along with the sweetness of orange. I really like the look of the package this one came in. There is a sort of creamy looking substance that has bits of almonds in it along with pieces of orange. On the bottom there is a very thing wafer substance. It is so thin, I almost thought it was paper. There is a lot of almond flavor to this and a hint of orange. The small layer on the bottom just dissolves in your mouth.

The next item in this box is the Extra-Virgin Olive oil. This is sort of a cloudy dark yellow color and it is very strong in smell and taste. This stuff tastes like olives and butter. There is a light olive taste that lets you know it is there but it is not too overpowering. I kind of like this stuff.

There is also the Salsa Tumaca Con Ajo which it is just a tomato spread. Nothing special about it.

The final item in the Try The World Spain Box is the Floral Jam. This stuff is brown in color and there are things floating around in it. It smells like flowers. It almost reminds me of how soap smells but it is not as strong. I hope I am not about to eat soap. The flavor is very light and you can taste a flower but it is also very sweet. I have mixed feelings about this.

That is all for this review. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on these.

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