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Japan Fun Box June 2016 Review

I have been sent a Japan Fun Box to review and share with all of you guys out there. This is a subscription box for Japanese snacks and candy. The snacks that you get in this box come to you the whole ways from Japan. If you are one of the people who are interested in trying new things or if you like Japanese snacks or food then click the link for your own Japan Fun Box today. There are three sizes that you can get when you subscribe: Mini- ($14.99/month), Original- ($32.99/month) and for the whole family: Family- ($49.99/month). Today we are taking a look at the Mini which has 5-7 items in it each month.

The first item you get in this month's box is the Kara Mucho. These are the best selling chili-flavored potato chips in Japan. Now the bag is big.  They smell like potatoes and I like that smell. Now, looking at these, the chips look a lot like Barbecue chips that you can get in America. There is nothing spicy about these when looking and smelling them. I was expecting these to be really hot right at the beginning but they are not. Kara Mucho chips taste a lot like Barbecue chips and they are really good. They do have a little bit of heat to them that builds over time but it is not a really bad heat. I really enjoyed these chips! There was great flavor and a little bit of spice but not too hot.

Next we have Beano which are non-fried snacks with 100% split peas, rich with plant fibers. Now looking at these and reading about them, they do not look that good and at first, they looked like pepper chips but they are not. These have a little smell of plants and they are shaped to look like pea pods, even though they look like green beans. They have the texture as a cheese puff snack. They are not bad but at the same time they are not good. There is not a lot of flavor to them but the flavor that is there, it is not good and does not taste like peas or plants.

Next up we have Umaibo which are sort of like a puff snack similar to cheese puffs but they are long, round and have weird flavors. You get three of these which are different flavors: Mentaiko (spicy cod roe), Teriyaki Burger and Vegetable Salad flavor. The first one I tried was the Vegetable Salad flavored one. It has an orange glow to it like a carrot with green specs. It was not bad and was not what I expected. It was soft, sweet and melted in your mouth. There is a little bit of a vegetable flavor but not a lot.

The next one I tried was the Teriyaki Burger. This one has a tan color to it and there are brown specs all over it. You can smell a little bit of burger but not the Teriyaki. You can definitely taste the Teriyaki and man is it strong. A little too strong if you ask me. The Teriyaki takes over the flavor and you can not taste anything else.

The third Umaibo snack you got in this month's box is the Mentaiko (spicy cod roe). This one is red. It smells like the chips that you get also. This one is nasty and I did not like it. It tasted like fish and the fish taste was strong. There was no spice to it or anything other than fish.

Next we have some Whistle Candy which are grape flavored. You can put your mouth up to the whole and blow to make a whistle sound. There are eight of these in the package. The grape smell is really strong. One thing about grape flavored stuff in japan is that it actually smells and tastes like grape juice. The whistling part of these actually works and it is really cool. I barely bit on one and it broke in my mouth. It tastes like grape juice and it dissolves in your mouth. You also get a cool little toy with these.

 Sekoiya Matcha is the second to last item in this month's box. This is chocolate with a crispy texture that is green tea flavor. These are small so you get two of them. It looks like a chocolate bar that is green. The top of this is green tea and the bottom looks like regular chocolate. There is a little wafer in the center. This thing has a very strong tea flavor to it and it does not taste like chocolate at all. I am not a big fan of tea so I don't like this but if you like tea, then you will like this.

The finale item in this month's Japan Fun Box is Hello Kitty Strawberry Pretzel. This is a strawberry flavored pretzel. These are similar to Pocky in the way that it is a pretzel with a strawberry coating of some sort. They smell like strawberries, I mean actual strawberries. You can taste the strawberry but the coating is too light so you don't get much taste with these. As for the pretzel, it is not a pretzel. It is just a biscuit stick. These are not bad but they could be better.

That is all for this review, hope you all enjoy and make sure to follow me for more reviews and stuff like this. Check out Japan Fun Box if you want some Japanese snacks every month.


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