Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Creative Jewelry Store (Services Review)

Hey everyone! I am back, I went to stay with some friends but I am back and have something new to share  with all of you. So a week or two ago, I emailed a company called Creative Jewelry and asked them to fix my necklace and in return, I would review their services. The chain on my necklace snapped and I did not have the money to get it fixed. They agreed to do that so I sent in my necklace and they fixed it. Now, not only did they do a good job of it but they did a great job and it did not take that long at all for them to fix it. It took them like four days to fix it which is awesome. They did such a great job that it looks like it was never even broke it the first place. I will being reviewing some jewelry that they sell here in a little while which I am excited for and I hope you are too. Click here to check out their website: Here is a before and after pick so you can see how great of a job they did.

That is all for this review. I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. 

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