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Dungeon Crate July 2016 Review! (Inspiration theme)

Today I am bringing all of you a review the Dungeon Crate for 2016. Now as a lot of you guys probably guessed, this is a box full of role playing accessories. Now I thought that this box was going have just pieces to role playing games but I was wrong. This crate has some really cool items in it and I like this box a lot. If you are interested, then click the link at the end of the review to get your own Dungeon Crate. The theme for this month is "Inspiration"

The first item is this 20 sided die coaster. This is a coaster that is flat but it is carved in the shape of a 20 sided die. It has the number 20 in the middle. The design was cut into the wood using a laser engraver. On the back, there are black rubber legs that lift the coaster off the surface and this also makes it easier to move around and pick up. The coaster is very well made and it is fairly smooth for being made out of wood. On the back you have who it was made by which is really cool. The corners are smooth and there are no sharp edges or splinters sticking out of it.

The next item is the giant 20 sided die. This die is fairly big, it takes up the palm of my hand. It has some weight to it which is surprising due to it being plastic. It is red and the numbers are white. This thing is really smooth and it is sort of shinny. One thing that is nice about this die is that the numbers "9" and "6" both have dots so you can tell which is which. 

You also get a little Shrine of the Earth Barons Mini Adventure. I don't know too much about these but I'm guessing if you need like a new map or something new to add to your game then you can use this. Along with a layout, there is also description of the layout plus a description of each of the 12 areas. This is apparently for 4-8 characters levels 10-11. This is from

This month's box also includes a Mini Raven figure. You can use this little raven as a piece in your adventure or you can use it as a cool little decoration. The figure is black on a clear pole that has a black base attached to it. It does stand up good and the details on this thing are very well done for it being so small. It is made out of plastic but it is still really cool. 

There are also these small little plastic pieces that are different shaped and has different things engraved in them. There are three yellow ones that are smaller and the middle is cut out to look like a star. Around the cut out part there are small triangles engraved to make it look like it is glowing and then there are words engraved on the outside. There is also a larger blue one with a harp in the middle and more words around the outside. The last one is red, it is the same size as the blue one but has the 20 sided die in the middle and words around the outside. These are cool but you can not really see what it says.

One of the final items included is the "Pillar of Good" Reaper Miniature Statue. This is very detailed, soft rubbery piece that has an angel on the front and back. The angels are holding daggers and there is a shield above their head. In between them is a pillar. There is a lot of detail in this piece and it says on the info card that you can paint it. 

The second to last item is a Harpy Coin. This is from Rare Elements Foundry which makes very detailed coins for your game/adventure. On the front it is hard to see but there is what looks to be a woman creature thing and on the back is the number 10 with some other details also. 

The last item in this month's box is a Shire 1406 Copper Penny from "The Lord of The Rings." I am a very big fan of these movies and this is a really cool item. This coin is most commonly found in the pocket of a hobbit. The coin features a tree and the words: "One Penny of The Shire, Abode of the Hobbit." This coin is really cool and the words are in Elfish I believe. It was hand made in America and for it being hand made there is a lot of detail in this coin.

That is all for this review. Click here to get your own Dungeon Crate: I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. 

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