Thursday, July 14, 2016

Interview with John Michael Groth

Hey everyone, I was giving the amazing opportunity to interview John Michael Groth.  He runs the channel MandJTV Pokevids. One this channel he plays Pokemon, gives information on Pokemon and does other Pokemon Related things. He told me that he has been into Pokemon ever since he came home from school at the age of 6 and Pokemon was on instead of Clifford, he started watching it and getting into it. He then said that he got his first game a couple years later. Then one day he decided to make a "How Old is Ash Ketchum" video and when it took off, he decided to keep making Pokemon videos. He started making videos in 2009 but did not start Pokemon videos until 2013. John Michael Groth is now 21 and still makes videos. I also asked him if he have any ideas for a new Pok√©mon? He replied saying: "I think my fake water starter line of animated water is a cool idea. He does not watch the show that much, but likes to keep up with it. He said his reason for not watching it is that he doesn't really like the current voice actors, he was too used to the old ones, if he does watch it, he watches it in Japanese with subtitles. He makes most of the videos himself, but for a lot of things his girlfriend helps him out. She'll film when he needs a cameraman, she also takes care of mailing things that he couldn't, and he said she is just overall wonderful. John said that when it comes to getting the info for his vids, sometimes it is hard, but for others it's easy. His favorite game is Pokemon Ruby. 

If you enjoy Pokemon then check out his channel and subscribe to him:

I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. What are you going to be doing?

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