Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Advertisment pricing

If you are looking to post ads about your company, music, product, event or anything else email me at Listed below are some prices for how much the advertisement will cost. Please contact me for more information. I get 75,000 views a month and counting.

Along the top of my blog, the banner will be $15 per month. bottom will be $10 per month.

If you want your ad on the right side of my blog that will cost $50 per mont.

If you want me to put a featured post on my Facebook page then that will be $25 per month or 125 per year

If you want me to post something on twitter for my pinned tweet, the price will be 35

Again email me and let me know if you are looking to advertise and we can work out how the payment will be made. I also am looking for products to review so let me know if you want your product reviewed. I review products for free if you will send them to me for free. Contact me on Facebook or Twitter or by email.

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