Thursday, October 6, 2016

Japanese Culture

Have you ever been to Japan? Tasted Japanese food or products? If you have then you know how different Japan is than the United States. Now I have been fascinated with Japan and Japanese people for quite some time now and I wanted to learn more about their Culture.

A lot of people know that Japan has some pretty weird traditions and products but there is a lot of stuff about Japan that is interesting and cool. Did you know that Japan more than 200 volcanos? Japan is actually 70 percent mountains! In fact, Japan's tallest mountain is actually a volcano that is said to be active. Also Japan has a lot of earth quakes. They have around 1,500 earth quakes on average per year.

Japan has some really good snacks, drinks and food. A lot people may know that Japan also has some pretty different food that Americans might find weird and even disgusting. Americans would be grossed out if someone were to offer them horse meat but it is one of the more popular foods in Japan. Japanese people don't even cook it, they eat it raw! A lot of people might think that Whale meat is a popular food in Japan but it is not. Older Japanese people get reminded of Post World War II when whale meat was one of the only resources for protein. Ramen noodles are a very popular food in Japan. Have you ever had Blowfish before? If so, I hope you liked it because it took the chief 7-10 years of training to prepare that for you. Though melons are popular in America, they are very expensive in Japan. One melon can go for up to 400 dollars in Japan. When you slurp noodles very loud in Japan, it is considered a sign that you really like them.

While working in the United States may be hard and take a lot of training, there are some Japanese jobs that are way harder. Some Japanese companies conduct morning exercise sessions to prepare workers for the day.

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