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KarePax Global Retro Box 2nd Review

I have been given the chance to review the Global Retro Box for a second time from the people over at KarePax. This company use to have a subscription service for foreign snacks and also Retro snacks and other things. Now they only have The Retro Box but there is a twist because not only is it a Retro Box, it is a Global Retro Box. This means you get stuff from the past along with some exotic things from different countries. No two boxes are a like so you get totally different stuff than everyone else. If you enjoy then I will have the links and other information at the end of this review. Without further a do, lets get right into this.
The first Item in this box is the Fannie May Peanut Butter Buckeyes. These are half a sphere which have a peanut butter center surrounded by chocolate. These things are really good. They taste like how you would think: peanut butter and chocolate. They are not too hard chew and they melt in your mouth.
The next snack I got is the Bissli Pizza. These are little bit size snacks that taste like pizza and they are not bad. They do taste like pizza. They are very small but you do get a lot of them.
Next we got some Strawberry Sour Sticks from the company Paskesz. They taste good. They have the right amount of sour to go with the strawberry flavor.
Next up are the Annie's Oat Meal cookie bites. These cookies are good, they have a sort of sweet flavor to them along with the oat meal flavor.
Dufflet Amegos Small chocolates are the next item I got. There are three of these which are Frosty the Snowman, Santa and Rudolph. These are three different flavors: chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. I don't like these. There is something about the texture I don't like.
 The next item I got was the Abba-Zabba. This chewy taffy with a peanut butter center. The taffy itself does not have any flavor but there is enough peanut butter to make it good. I like this but the taffy is a little hard and when you bit it, it breaks in half.
Next we have the Chocolate Caramel Creams. These taste like a chocolate version of the Cow Tails. These are good. You can taste the chocolate, a little bit of the caramel and the cream.
Next we have the chocolate chip Brownie Brittle which I have reviewed before and if you would like to read that review click here: This was a smaller bag but still the same thing.
There is also a Necco Sky Bar. This is a chocolate bar with four different flavor break away pieces. The flavors are is vanilla, caramel, peanut and fudge. These are okay but not my favorite things in the world. The chocolate is too strong and there is not a lot of the filling in them.
There was also a pack of Pocky sticks which I love. These ones were Strawberry flavored. Pocky are biscuit sticks with a coating on them. You could taste the strawberry and the biscuit and they go together amazingly.
Also got a Coconut Slice bar that I did not eat because I hate coconut.
I also got a bag of Hot Lips which are gummy lips that taste like sweet cinnamon. They are small but  they have a good flavor.
There are also small packs of popping candy (Watermelon and Cychee). The Cychee ones do not taste too good but the watermelon ones do.
The last edible item is the Jarrito's soda which I am happy I got. The flavor I got was Pineapple. With this drink, the flavor of pineapple is there but not too strong which I like and I like that. It is also really sweat.
There are also some more trading cards of Star Trek, Doctor Doom, a shinny Eddie Murray Doggers card and a few others.
I also some foreign coins which are cool and I love that they included that in this box and also a CD which I cannot read what it is.
Now for the final items, the comics. The comics I got include Wolverine vs The Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern: Captives of the Mad God!, Korge: 70,000 B.C. and The Thing Featuring Power Man and Iron Fist. These are all really cool comics, they are in great condition and I love them!
This subscription box is really cool and the items are awesome and taste really good for the most part.
That is all for this review! Hope you all liked it and have a wonderful day.

Click here to visit their website and sign up: or It costs around 30 dollars a month but you can also sign up for the 6 month plan or for a whole year!

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I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. 

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