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Karepax presents: Global Retro Box (October 2016)

I have been given the change to review the Global Retro Box for the people over at KarePax. This company use to have a subscription service for foreign snacks and also Retro snacks and other things. Now they only have The Retro Box but there is a twist because not only is it a Retro Box, it is a Global Retro Box. This means you get stuff from the past along with some exotic things from different countries. No two boxes are a like so you get totally different stuff than everyone else. If you enjoy then I will have the links and other information at the end of this review. Without further a do, lets get right into this.

So the first item I got in my box is the Black Cow: Chewy Chocolate Caramel Bar. This is good. It tastes like chocolate and when the chocolate goes away, you are greeted to caramel. The chocolate flavor is way too strong for you to eat this all at once but it would be good to eat periodically.

The next product you get is the Delicje European Biscuits. These consist of a biscuit on the bottom, strawberry filling and chocolate on the top. So, with these biscuits, I was not a big fan of them. The strawberry filling does not go with the chocolate and biscuit. They're not bad but just not for me.

Next we have the Charleston Chew Big Bar! This is a Nougat bar covered in chocolate. The Nougat is vanilla flavored. This candy almost reminds of the Cow Tails in a sense because the filling in this tastes like the filling from a Cow Tail. I like this treat.

Also included in the box are the timi flips. I have no idea what these are and there is not information sheet so yea... These are little puff snacks that sort of taste like peanuts. There is not much flavor to these but they are pretty good. They are very salty...

There is also the Nestle Caramac white chocolate bar. This thing does taste that bad. If you like white chocolate than you will like this.

Have you even eaten a Mustache? Well now you can! If you were lucky enough then the Karepax team has sent you a Wack O Wax Mustache (Grape Flavor). Alright so this thing is bad. Don't get me wrong, it tastes like grape but it hurts your teeth. Also, do not swallow this because it is wax so make sure you spit it out once you are done with it.

Next we have some popping candy (Green Apple Flavored). So with this candy, when you put it in your mouth, it starts to pop and crackle. The flavor is really good, I just wish there were more.

Now we are going to be taking a look at the Bananko. This has a banana fluff covered in dark chocolate. Now this snack would have been but the dark chocolate is way way way over powering and it is very strong.

Next up we the Griski Peanut Sticks. These are a lot like Peanut Butter filled Pretzels.  I love these things. There is nothing wrong with this snack.

You also got some orange lollipops that look like Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween which is a nice little touch.

In my box, I also got the Clark Peanut Butter Crunch Bar. This is almost like the modern day Butter Fingers but a little more sweat and hard. This is good.

We also have a Kandit Rum bar. So with this thing, it has a Rum flavor, which I do not like so that's that.

One of the last few items in this box is the Necco Chocolate Wafers. I remember eating these as a kind and I love them! They taste exactly how you think they would: chocolate.

Next up is the Eurocream Bar which is a bar of cream smooshed together by two layers of chocolate. I don't if this is normal but this thing had no flavor what so ever.

I also got some black taffy which I do not like and it makes me sick so I will not be eating that. There is also the Banana Split pieces of candy which have a very strong banana flavor to them and they are almost like taffy.

I also got some Croco Roco cookies which are expired by like three months and the flavor was gone. They where suppose to be cookies with a chocolate center and if they were not expired they would probably have been a lot better.

The last food item I got was the Mallow Cups which taste like chocolate with a marshmallow center.

Now for the non food items you can get four old comics, a DVD with old movies on it, three coins from different places all over the world like I got a coin from Africa, Great Britain and another place I can not make out. You also get a cool lunch box!

That is all for this review! Hope you all liked it and have a wonderful day.

Click here to visit their website and sign up: or It costs around 30 dollars a month but you can also sign up for the 6 month plan or for a whole year!

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I hope you enjoyed and have a great day! Let me know what your thoughts are on this. 

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